Wash And Go or Wash And NO?

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Today I felt like talking about how to wash and go natural hair. I have struggled with over the years of me being NATURAL. I’m watching videos of these fantastic women hop in the shower, and throw product on their hair and curls are POPPIN. I mean they get in the shower, wash hair, and by the time they step out its DRY. (MIND BLOWN right)

Wash And Go

Well, I’m here to tell you with majority 4a hair, I don’t appreciate the deception. I have to detangle and wash, and prep and soothe and sit under a dryer to get any results until I started to come up with a REGIMEN that works for ME. I understand how sometimes reading tutorials could be a bit difficult so I will gladly do a short tutorial for you guys, but I need a bit of FEEEEEEDBACK..so comment and let me know if you all would like that and I’ll get it DONE.



First and foremost, you want to TAKE YOUR TIME. I can not just hop in the shower and throw on some conditioner, and then I’m done..I have to make sure that I thoroughly and adequately wet my hair with warm water…(LOW POROSITY) so it takes a minute for my hair to absorb ANYTHING.

After my hair is drenched I proceed with co-washing or Shampooing, but more than likely when I am styling my hair in a wash n go I am co-washing just so that my curls are more manageable. Next, I make sure to work in SECTIONS.

I feel it is super important to work in smaller sections! Working in sections allows you to prevent any unnecessary breakage as well as making sure you cover all of your strands with a product. On a regular wash day, I put my hair into four large sections and keep my parts for when I begin to style.



There are so many gels and curl defining products to choose from that sometimes you end up settling for the WRONG one. I have tried conditioner only wash n go (BIG NO for my hair type and texture) Ummm…I have also tried the LOC method (Leave in Cream Oil) the results were ehhh so so. I have noticed that when I DO NOT use a gel of some type my hair will be a frizzy mess, so I HAVE to add a gel after using any leave in and DAMN GINNA!!! The results afterward are nothing less than AMAZING..

Again, I make sure that my hair is divided into 4 sections, spritz more water on that section before applying ANY product.. of course your hair doesn’t have to be drenched idk who invented that method but as long as it’s dampened with water so that the products are somewhat pliable” WE GOOD.”

Starting with the back section, I apply my leave-in conditioner thoroughly….(PAUSE) I also DO NOT use any styling tools when I style in a wash n go, by all means, you can use whatever you’re comfortable with I love using my ten fingers.


Apply for my Leave in and Finger detangle making sure my curls are defined and clumping together. Next, I will follow-up with a defining cream and finally the GEL, I don’t add oil until the next day when my hair is 100% dry… The method I choose to define my curls is called the RAKE n SHAKE method. I honestly haven’t tried any other pop-up but there are tons of different ones, pick what works best for you.


Let it Dry..let it dry…

So, how many of you hummed the title in the Frozen “Let It Go” tune..(you my friend are on my level) but on to drying. This is important… this defines your results TREMENDOUSLY!!! You can either sit under a hooded dryer for however long you would like or you can do the method I choose… all my AIR DRYERS STAND UP!!!! That’s’ why I make sure to do a  wash n go on a weekend (Sunday) to be exact.


KEEP YOUR FINGERS OUT OF YOUR HAIR…ESPECIALLY IF IT IS STILL WET! Trust me I feel you, who knew your curls would be banging like that..you have to fix that curl that is kind of frizzing up…oh wait this curl isn’t perfect.


I promise if you just let your hair dry 100% you can touch it all you want but don’t forget that OIL.. when I take my time my style will last me anywhere from 5 to 7 days. Now my nighttime/bedtime routine is a different post. (:

Before I end off this blog, I do have a wash n go tutorial on my youtube…I don’t have a URL but if you go to the search bar and enter MSKINKYROOTS .ill pop-up..while you’re there subscribe who knows..maybe this will jump-start me into being a YouTuber??!! (nahhhh)

Finally, after some practice, I was able to achieve impressive definition with little to no frizz and yes in my eyes ill never be able to achieve and wash n go but I’m okay with a wash, define and dry. Be sure to check out these amazing 4a bundles available on my natural hair extensions.

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