The Best Natural Hair Wigs for 2020

The Best Natural Hair Wigs for 2020

When it comes to natural hair wigs, you want the best-looking texture that looks perfect for you. Whatever the mood, fashion, style, or social occasion, you will be able to express it better when you have on a wig.

Best 4C Wigs

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When wigs have an Afro-like texture, they are known as Type 4. This is the most fragile hair texture that exists. When you have a 4C hair wig, it requires gentle treatment and small amounts of manipulation.

Maintenance of an afro kinky curly wig requires a light hand. To keep the hair shafts in place and the volume consistent, you need to ensure that you use the best products to wash it and store it with care.

  • Type 4A 4A wigs will have a strong curl definition and distinct coils. The look of a 4A wig can be fine and lightly spun out or wiry with a texture like fine, soft cotton threads — each hair strand. Even though the wave is soft and loose, the hair strand density in Type 4A wigs is thicker. This is still considered to be a kinky/ curly hair type.
  • Type 4B: 4b wig texture is similar to that of the Type 4A wig, but it has a straighter appearance and fewer curls defined in style. It’s also considered a more coil-like style rather than a curly one. The strands on a Type 4B hair wig are silky in texture with a slight zig-zag being a defining feature.
  • Type 4C: This is the hairstyle that is most often associated with Afro-kinky human hair wigs. They have minimal curl definition and a finely spun appearance. These wigs can become tangled and have to be regularly maintained.


Kinky Hair Wigs

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Nothing says proud African American queen quite like a kinky hair wig does. They come in a wide variety of lengths and strengths. Whether you’re adding a half wig  or a full cap for complete coverage, kinky hair wigs are a wig wardrobe must-have that no woman should be without.

If you want to show off a full Afro look, try out a shorter kinky hair wig. This will give your style a little flair and fun. The halo effect will be a definite crowd-pleaser that will draw the attention of everyone in the room.

Softer, longer curly wigs for black women can also be chosen in full cap or half wig options. This will give you a more romantic and sophisticated look that is perfect for evenings and long, candlelit nights. If you want an even more spectacular style, try wearing an extra-long kinky hair wig; this will make heads turn when you walk in the room.


Half And Full Wigs

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We know how heavy and hot a full cap wig can be in the summer. It’s for this very reason that half wigs for women of color were developed. They can be worn in the princess style with your existing hair pulled back and the half wig clipped on to look like an impressive ponytail. They are also the perfect accompaniment to hair that is growing out and needs another layer to complete the look.

If you want to go for a more retro or vintage hairstyle, the half wig is the ideal way to achieve that iconic retro bump at the top of the head. Backcombing your hair can destroy the hair shaft and pull the hair out when you have to maintain it all day. When you use a half wig, all you have to do to keep your retro bump is clip the half wig at the crown of your head and walk out the door.

Protective Style 

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Protective style wigs protect your existing hair and prevent it from the daily wear and tear that can damage it and make the strands fall out. They come in a wide variety of shapes, lengths, and styles. They can even be chosen in different hair colors if you are feeling in the mood for a change.

Any wig can be used as protection for your hair, but the best ones have been specially crafted to fit the shape of the scalp perfectly. They are also lightweight yet natural-looking. They must allow the scalp to breathe as well as keep the blood supply continually flowing to the scalp to promote hair growth.

Full / Half Curly Wig


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Not every African American woman has the kind of kink and curls in her hair that she likes to wear for certain occasions, which is when you can make use of a curly wig to cover your head and give you a different look. They come in a variety of lengths and styles and as a full cap or half wig choices.

Kinky Curly Wigs

When you want a wig that looks natural and lasts for a long time, you need to buy a kinky curly wig made from human hair. These wigs are expertly crafted from responsibly sourced human hair and cut and dyed to fit in with your hairstyle needs.



Yes, of course, our extensions are quality and can be reused however you will still have to pay a stylist to install your extensions which can be an extra $100-$300 every time you get your hair done.

However, there is a choice. WIGS!!! Wigs are looking better and more realistic now than ever before.

When I used to hear the term wig, I would immediately think about my old Granny’s ugly wig. However, with the natural hair movement not only do regular wigs look amazing to know there are kinky wigs, curly wigs and all sorts of human hair wigs.

We offer fabulous human hair wigs that blend with almost every natural texture from 3a 3b 3c 4a 4b and our 4c divas!

MNHE provides the hottest kinky curly protective style wigs on the market period!

Things To Consider

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Wigs are the best option to get up and go hair for the busy woman. We all live busy lives and need our hair to look as amazing as possible with as little effort as possible.

Every woman’s dream right, HAHA! It is possible with the unique and modern human hair wig have evolved. Kinky curly wigs do not give the illusion that they are growing from your very own scalp.

Lace wigs, closure wigs, and upart wigs all offer various ways to style and protect your hair without having to pay a stylist over and over.

At MNHE we believe that every woman deserves to look beautiful with our human hair wigs. When you know that the wig you are wearing not only looks great but feels fantastic and moves naturally, that’s when you can relax and enjoy the compliments.

sis! are you in the mood to change up your look without spending excessive money on extensions and paying a stylist to install the hair only to have to take it out in 1 month and threw it away!!!

This expertise has been used to select the most beautiful wigs that have made with a black woman’s comfort and style in mind. Each fit, shape, and cut by masters in the field of wigs and hairpieces. If you want to find out more about how wigs can adapt to make your look more on point and stylish!


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