The Best Natural Hair Wigs In 2019

Great natural hair wigs for protective styling and growing natural 4c hair long

When you are choosing natural hair wigs: (Our Wig Product Line), there are numerous options that you have to consider, and this can be very overwhelming to people especially if they are getting their first wig. One of the best options is natural hair wigs because this gives you the look and feel as if the hair is yours. However, even within the natural hair wigs category, there are still so many different options that you can choose from. This will help you to understand why natural hair wigs are the best and look closer at your options in this category.

Buying Natural Looking African American Wigs

The biggest advantage of investing in a natural hair wig is the fact that it gives the most natural look and feels. Synthetic hair just does not have the shine or soft movements that natural hair has. Synthetic hair wigs are often more expensive but synthetic wigs just cannot compete in these areas. Natural hair wigs are also a more versatile choice than synthetic wigs. With natural hair wigs, they can be cut and style like hair can so that you can get whatever look you want. These wigs are also more durable than synthetic wigs. These are all reasons why natural hair wigs are so worth it.


Coily wigs are very similar to Afro kinky wigs, but often do not have as much volume to it as the Afro kinky wigs. These also have curlier hair to it in comparison to the Afro kinky wigs.

Afro Wigs

A popular look right now is the afro kinky curly wigs. If you can’t achieve this look on your own, an Afro kinky style wig can be an excellent choice. This can be a very fun look for you. It is very natural looking, which can make it even more appealing for people who want a very natural and unrelaxed look for their hair.

Kinky Straight

This type of wig is made to look like natural African-American hair after it has been conditioned and straightened.

There is still a bit of ripple in it, but it is generally the most relaxed looking of all the wig options. If you want a look as if you had relaxers in your hair, kinky straight human hair wigs are the perfect choice for you.

Lace Fronts

There are other types of wigs to consider, not just the style or type of hair. You can also choose the construction of the wig, such as half wigs (or falls), monofilament design, and the lace front wig. The monofilament design can often give a more natural look due to the mesh material that is used on the cap. This gives an illusion of the wig hair growing on your scalp.


These can be constructed with full caps or partial ones, depending on your needs. Lace front wigs are great because they give an illusion of natural hair growth – along a person’s hairline. This is a desirable option because the wearer is able to style it however they want without worrying about revealing their secret. It can also often be a less expensive option as well. Half-wigs are only there to add volume to the hair and is added underneath the hair to give it a boost.


When you buy a natural human hair wig, you do need to take special care with it to protect your investment. Proper maintenance keeps your wigs lasting longer. You should only use products that were made specifically for processed human hair. These wigs will also require you to condition and hydrate your wigs as they do not get the natural benefit of the oils that are produced naturally on your scalp. You will often get care instructions when you purchase your wig, so be sure to follow these instructions exactly to ensure that your wig stays in excellent condition. You can style it as you would normally, using hair care products that are safe for processed hair.


The type of wig that you choose can vary greatly depending on the type of look that you want to achieve. Sometimes people even choose to get a few different options to achieve a specific look whenever they want. This is all about personal preference and style. Natural hair is hands down the best option for anyone who is looking for a wig. It can be a bit on the expensive side but when you get a high-quality natural hair wig, you are going to get the best wig. If you choose a mesh hair wig, be sure to get a cap that matches your skin tone to help achieve the most natural look with your wig. Any wig that you choose should match your face shape.

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