Should You Go Natural: Part 2

I have been seeing more and more women of color proudly wearing and celebrating their natural hair. With this new height of self-acceptance, women who might not have gone natural may begin to feel a great deal of pressure to go through the hair transitioning route. However, should everyone go natural?

My name is Dineo and this is my follow up blog post to the former that targeted the pros of having natural hair. Remember it? When did I tell you how you had to hear the not so fun stuff about going natural first because I wanted to build up that anticipation for the pros? The same anticipation you would get while watching an interesting movie only to reach an anti-climax scene that makes you feel like ugh, nothing good will come out of this disaster and then boom, you’re suddenly hit with a turn of positive events that show you that ultimately love and goodness always prevails.

With this said, my aim for these articles was to show you that yes, going natural does come with some cons but at the same time, there are a whole lot of pros that make the transition even more liberating and worthwhile. At the end of the day, the decision about whether to go natural or not should come from you and not society, friends, family or partners, ok? So let me assist you in trying to find your “Nappily ever after” or “Nappily never after”

Pros of Having Natural Hair

Unique hair:

Which other hair texture do you know where its actual length can shrink up to almost 75%? Which hair texture do you know that doesn’t give in to the forces of gravity by falling down? Instead, it stands tall facing up to the great skies. Which hair texture do you know that can absorb as much moisture and nourishment like type 4 hair? Yes, our hair is extremely unique because it looks like no other. People are constantly intrigued by how tight our coils are and how within one ethnic group, you can find so many variations of hair textures. Heck, it still baffles me too!

Highly manipulative

Listen hear, I don’t know about other naturalistas but I rock a new hairdo every single week (unless I have a protective hairstyle that requires me to rock it longer). The fact that we can go weeks wearing a particular hairstyle just emphasises how highly manipulative our natural hair is. When I feel like wearing my hair out I do hairstyles such as the High Puff, an Afro and some Space Buns.

When I feel like doing simple protective hairstyles, I would wear my hair in a flat twist or cornrow hairdo. When I really feel like rocking a protective hairstyle for a couple of weeks then I will bring out the big guns (my synthetic hair) such as Kanekalon hair, Marley hair, natural hair clip-ins, you name it. I can switch up these look depending on the occasion or the mood I’m in. One thing for sure is that on a weekly basis, I always feel brand new because of how highly manipulative my hair is.


should you go natural

Born with it

No matter how many times we process our hair, or we rock different types of protective hairstyles, none of these things will magically rid our hair from its kinks and coils. The great thing about the type 4 hair community is that we have come up with so many different ways of wearing our hair because well, change is good and change is sometimes the most convenient thing that we might need at that specific moment, however, we still need to gather the pride and confidence of rocking our natural hair as equally proud as we do with our other protective hairstyles because that is the whole point of celebrating what we’re born with is all about.


Yep, I said it, cheap! Natural hair is extremely low maintenance especially if you can flat twist and cornrow. Since going natural, I have not broke the bank with the natural hair products that I have purchased. I normally buy hair products in bulk because I live in a country where type 4 hair products are not easily accessible. I also don’t go to the salon because like I said, I can braid my own hair so it is not necessary. If you have processed hair, you have to constantly keep it looking up to standard and well, that costs money.


Society has made us think that our hair is not desirable in terms of the conventional standards of beauty. As a result, this has contributed to some women’s lack of confidence in embracing their hair in its natural state. So when we as type 4 haired women stand up against these conventional standards of beauty, we are making a difference in at least one little girl’s life who probably constantly feels unworthy because of not seeing enough equal representation of people who look like her in the media.

There you have it folks, the top pros of why you should go natural. I won’t lie; I still face my own insecurities sometimes when it comes to wearing my hair out especially seeing that I live in a country where some people have never seen a person with my hair texture before. Some might find it beautiful and others not so much, but you know what? I don’t even care because at the end of the day, the only person’s opinion that matters about what looks good or not is mine and mine only. We are all beautiful, regardless of choosing to live your life “Nappily ever after” or Nappily never after”.

What kind of hair do you have? Natural, transitioning or processed? Let me know on the comment section down below.

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Until then, stay naturally you.


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