Should You Go Natural: Part 1

Natural hair is undeniably in trend now. Women from all walks of life are deciding to go back to basics by embracing their hair in its utmost natural state (kinks and all). However, should everyone go natural? Well, in this article, I’ll be delving in on the cons of being natural. After this, you will be enlightened about whether going natural is something you want to do, or not…

My name is Dineo Melk and I just celebrated my one-year post big chop anniversary on the 2nd December. This article is based on my personal experiences from when I decided to go natural. If anything, I hope to inspire and shed some light into making this decision much simpler for you.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to any story being told to me, I prefer to hear the bad news before the good. It’s just like any romantic movie that you watch. You watch those movies knowing that they will ultimately lead to a happy ending, right? As a result, I will delve into the cons of having natural hair first then I will post a follow-up blog about the pros of having natural hair. So let’s see if this read will lead to your “Nappily ever after” or “Nappily never after”.

Natural Hair Cons

1. High Maintenance

Do you dread that long wash day that’s about to come up? That day you have planned to do a new protective hairstyle for the week? Or how about the tedious detangling process? Yup, this is what every naturalista goes through on a weekly basis. Natural hair is time-consuming! I know for a fact that I need to dedicate at least 3 hours of my weekends to tend to my hair. Stretching your hair is a mission in itself especially if you don’t want to stretch it using heat (like myself). Oh, and then after stretching your hair, your friends spontaneously tell you that we’ll be going to the beach that very same day… Yeah, I’ll join everyone but just know that I won’t be swimming. You can catch me building some sand castles, thank you! Going to a party that day? Well, I would suggest that you wake up when the cock crows if you want to get your hair done quick as well as continue smoothly with the rest of your day, otherwise, kiss that party goodbye!

2. Scrutiny from some non-type 4 haired people

“Hey Dineo, did you have a haircut?”
Me: “Uhm, no. Why?
“Oh, your hair just seems way shorter today…”

And that ladies and gentlemen are what we call the chronicles of rocking your hair in its most shrunken state. Can you relate to this dialogue exchange? Type 4 hair (most especially 4B and 4C texture) is by far the most ridiculed of all hair types because of how kinky or nappy our hair is said to be. Our hair is said to be “dirty”. Most of the type 4 hair community wash their hair at least once or twice a week, the reason being that our hair is not as prone to grease, dandruff and oil build up (unless you’re a hair product junkie!). Our hair is however prone to breakage, which is another reason why we don’t wash it more than twice a week. Natural hair is also said to be too “untidy” Some companies and schools have banned their employees and students from wearing their hair in afros because they are deemed to being “untidy”. These are just some of the stereotypes that prevent us type 4 haired people our right to freedom of expression in wearing our hair however way we feel like wearing it.

3. Low self-esteem

Have you ever heard society describe a typical ideal woman? They would normally describe that woman to have long, straight, thick and luscious hair. Hair so smooth and silky that fingers can easily run through it . Child, the only thing that can thoroughly run through my kinks like that is W.A.T.E.R, point blank, period! You don’t often hear people praise type 4 hair. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear people describe an ideal woman as someone with a thick, voluminous fro that is black as night and stands high like a crown? Natural hair does not really fit into the typical or conventional standard of what is desirable in terms of how hair should look. It is tough rocking natural hair in a world where our hair type is shunned upon.

So there you have it, these were some of the cons that I could think of that have personally affected me. I know that there are definitely more that I might not have highlighted on. If you think we should add on to these cons, then please tell me on the comment section down below. Also, what kind of hair do you have? Do you have a natural, transitioning or relaxed hair? Let me know on the comment section down below.

This article was primarily about the cons of having natural hair. I will continue with the pros of having natural hair on my next blog.

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Until then, stay naturally you.



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