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Best Quick Weave Hairstyles for Natural Hair

What’s going on Divas!? The Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to be flirty with your hair. No one wants to keep the same hairstyle for too long. Sometimes we even give our hairstyles and wigs names and personalities haha! But what is the best way to quickly switch up styles that do not require daily manipulation I think styles are quick weave.

What Are Quick Weaves?

quick weave hairstyles best quick weave styles

Short quick weaves are extensions that can be applied in a short amount of time, usually 90 minutes or less and are easily removed. Most quick weaves use a stocking cap or a stretchable silk cap and hair glue. The stylist will either braid or slick your hair down so that it lays flat and apply the cap. The stylish the apply for the extensions or weave bundles to the cap while it is on your head using hair glue. Sometimes they will double the stocking cap or silk cap, so that hair glue does not soak through and stick to your hair and cause damage.


The best part about quick weaves other than the time is the fact that none of your hair is left out. No, leave out is an excellent thing because it allows you to have a significant protective style without damaging your hairline or leave out. However, it is possible to have a quick weave with leave out. You will have to cut the cap where you want your hair to lay. Most people do not do this method with glue. 


How To Do A Short Quick Weave?

Now with the advancement of short quick weaves and the process of installation has improved. People are now making full wigs and u-part wigs for quick installation using glue or a sewing machine. Instead of hand sewing the tracks to a cap, the sewing machines make the wig making process 3 times as fast. Using the quick weave wig method is better and healthier for your hair to ensure that there is no damage from hair glue . Check out a few of the quick weave styles below!

We’ve scoured the net to find the top weave hairstyles you’ll see in 2020 – 2021. With the new year right around the corner, you’re probably asking yourself what you’ll do to take your style to the next level. Well, you’re in the right place. Get your shopping list ready; you’re going to need a few products, extensions, and some creativity to pull these great looks off this year for black women.



layered weave braids

Adding layers to your hair extensions will add noticeable volume and body to your hair. In the winter seasons, when the weather can be tough on hair, resorting to a quick style! Is always a great go-to. It’s professional, sexy, and elegant. To add even more volume, use a curling or flat iron to curl the ends.

Copper, Copper, Copper

quick weave hair no leave out

We can’t say it enough. We are obsessed with copper-colored hair. This look is sure to make you a standout bombshell. The great thing about the copper hair color warm tones is it looks great on nearly everyone. Some of our favorite weave hairstyles with copper-colored hair are longer looks with large curls.


Elegant Up-Do’s

 bantu knots african knots natural hair updo

Using extra kinky or braiding extensions styles, you can create a sophisticated natural up-do. Although this pic above dose not appear that she is using extensions this style can be done with our kinky straight bulk braiding hair or any long straight braiding hair. I love this style as its easy. fun and QUICK to do! We suggest keeping your hair moisturized to ensure the longevity of your up-dos. This style is among the list of most comfortable protective styles to wear. Just part your hair in a few sections, slick them down, section them, and then add the extensions in your desired twists or braids. It’s that easy. I love when black women or woman of color do styles that show off our heritage. 

Bold & Colorful

weave hairstyles

Don’t be shy to use bold color in 2019-2020. This cotton candy-inspired color is on our hair bucket list. The best thing about coloring your weave is you don’t have to put harsh dye chemicals on your natural curls. Be sure to keep your color-treated weave very moisturized. Dye has the same impact on synthetic hair or weaves as it does hair. A good oil-based conditioner or leave-in should keep your weave extensions nice and shiny.

Quick Weave Sew-in

quick weave hairstyles

We’ve all had wash-and-go that look like wash-and-no by the end of the day. What we love about this deep wave curly look is that the curls look perfect all the time, every time. This quick weave style can be done quickly and looks great with little to no styling. This cute bob makes getting up and heading out looking you’re easy with extensions.

Feed-In Braids

afro kinky braids

These feed-in braids with a curly let-out give us goddess vibes. We love the use of gold twine throughout the braids to give it a royal look. Feed-in braids take minutes to apply and don’t use too much weave. Feed-in braids typically use braiding hair or kanekalon hair. If you get high-quality braiding hair, you may be able to get a few wears out of it. Feed-in braids don’t tangle up the braiding hair like other styles making it easy to refresh the style if you plan to wear it long term. This weave hairstyle is affordable and quick to apply, no matter your hair styling ability.

8 thoughts on “Best Quick Weave Hairstyles for Natural Hair”

  1. Im so glad I came across this blog. I though quick weaves where a thing of the past LOL or looked at as an outdated hair stlye. So glad i was wrong LOL i was looking for stylist who can do a quick weave on my natural hair and didnt want to seem…. well you know… by asking. But these style in this post are super cute and up with the current trends. I guess i was just thinking quick weaves are the grandma looking styles where they put glue all over your head and a cap LOL but techniques have come along way since then! I love the layered copper look with the curls. I think im going to try something similar! thanks 💁🏾

    1. Hi Shayla! I feel you. I think a lot of people probably think that also which is why we wanted to talk about the famous QUICK WEAVE LOL. I know my momma used to get them all the time LOL. Quick weave are the ” original gangstas” of extensions!Techniques have changed so much now that hey just evolved into something better and greater!

  2. Yes for the quick weave! LOL I live for them. I cant stand sitting for hours getting my hair done. I’m the type of gal that likes to switch it up like every 2 weeks! All I get is quick weaves. If it takes longer than an hr to do I don’t want it. People act bougie but all wigs are actually quick weaves LOL.

  3. I love me a good natural looking quick weave LOL. Its the ones that look wiggy that i dont like. Im talking about the grandma looking kind LOL. But the ones here are super cute! Especially the one with the color. My hair is brittle so I cant experiment with color on my real hair but i love pink and purble highlights which i do alot with my quick styles or clip ins.

    1. Hi Joanna! We can relate with the hair color. Along with being able to change color we can also experiment with chic and funky short cuts. Haircuts for black women especially are far in between because of the effort it takes for us to grow and retain our length that cutting it can sometimes feel like a hard thing to do. Some of us don’t like to let go of inches LOL (myself included).

  4. Quick weave styles are lit LOL. Im natural and I dont have that easy to blend hair to say the least. So i dont typically like to leave any of my hair out and i have never gotten used to the closure or lace look so i like to do short curly styles where my hair is fully covered. And like the ladies before me and in the article Im a sucker for a quick cute style. Glad to know im not the only one still getting the OG “quick weave” still LOL

    1. Hello Punkin, well it depends. Micro braids are not considered a quick weave but some jumbo box braids or straight back cornrows would be considered a quick weave. The term quick weave used to be synonymous with a method where the stylist would use a stocking cap, tons of hair glue, and tracks to create a style but now its classified along the lines of any style that requires weave/extensions that take less than an hr to do.

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