Kinky Straight Wig

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Full Lace Wig, Full Wig (no closure), Full Wig (with closure), U-Part

35 reviews for Kinky Straight Wig

  1. Jaylin (verified owner)

    Just ordered the 22″ and I can’t wait to get this wig from the few reviews I have read this wig does not disappoint. It looks pretty and the customer service was very helpful with providing lots of info on all the selections on thus site. One happy customer.

  2. J. Smith

    THE BOMB DOT COM! The texture, the thickness, the length – AMAZING!!!!! Great piece for the price. Tangle free. Light weight. Gorgeous. Buy this wig. Everyone thought it was my REAL HAIR!!! It blends so well with 4b hair that has been blown out. LOVE

  3. Latifah S.

    This wig is everything!!!!!! ??
    You can wear it in so many styles. Side part. Middle part. Half up half down. Half up with a top knot. Really matches my hair with a light press. I ended up trimming it with a razor cutter and it looks Be-weave-able!!! ??

  4. Lovely Dina (verified owner)

    So I bought this for my daughter, who is natural. She wants to wear her hair out but I did not want to damage her hair with heat damage. I purchased the meduim because she is 14 and when I got this wig!!!!! GURL!!!… she has been breaking her neck every since. the quality is great. so far not one hair has shed. I am going to buy one for myself… I mean black girls, it looks just like our hair when we blow dry it… I’m in love. Density was also plentiful. Thank you MNHE

  5. Miss Judy

    This wig is a lifesaver on days where my hair isn’t cooperating, it blends nicely with blow dried natural hair and I usually braid or twist the fromt of my hair to make it look more natural. The clips and wig combs are snug. I tried to sleep in it on my cruise but I woke up in the middle of the night to take it off. Its not comfortable to sleep in but its fine to wear just during the day. The fit was a little big but there are adjustable straps so that was fine. Overall the hair itself is amazing and the customer service was great. Nikki made sure I got it in time for my cruise which I most appreciated.

  6. Bree N

    This matches my natural hair so well! I would highly recommend this wig! I never post reviews on hair, but this is the shiz-nit!!!! Thanks Nikki for all your help. Customer service was great.

  7. Angela (verified owner)

    Love this hair sooo much, its perfect!!! It is so full I have the medium length and its true to length and its just so beautiful! Hair sheds a little nothing major only like 2 or 3 strands. Customer service is awesome they helped me throughout the whole process. Thank you I will absolutely order from here again. This hair is worth it . Omg this hair is beautiful thank you once again

  8. Tamera (verified owner)

    Okay so this is the first wig I?ve purchased and I must say at first I was nervous. When I received my wig I thought it was beautiful, I personally love the length. I got the longest one you guys have. Beautiful, soft received many compliments about looking so natural! Thank you!

  9. Shardae (verified owner)

    I ordered this unit and it arrived within the quoted time frame. The hair was beautiful, soft and had no smell. The hair has a healthy yaki texture that may mimic blow-dried stretched natural hair. I followed the care instructions for washing the hair. I also flat ironed it on low heat. The flat ironing process required only going over the hair once or twice. It appeared so natural and many actually thought it was my own hair as the texture is similar. I would reorder this unit in the future, however, it is still in very good shape. I have a new favorite wig.

  10. LaKia

    I am very satisfied with the product, customer service, and the website. The hair is so beautiful – the texture is just what I wanted. It does not shed and its sone of the best hair I have received in a while.

  11. Ashley C

    This wig is amazing. I can’t believe the hair quality. It’s a half wig, and I part my hair across the front, ear to ear and brush it back. I’m a newbie to wigs and I’m so surprised out of all the ones I’ve looked at this is the best so far. Thanks MNHE love this hair ????

  12. soulsista

    Is that your hair……LOL yeah! (I bought it so it is mine). That’s my story, I’m sticking to it……everyone LOVES this unit. It is so cute. Will buy again.

  13. Vaughn

    This hair reminds me so much of how thick my hair was 10 years ago lol. Sew ins on my thin hair suck, clip ins irritate my hair, lace wigs don’t look natural on my lighter scalp when I do find a wig that’s the right texture. So glad I found this. Can’t wait to purchase more in the future.

  14. Lacey W.

    This is a nice wig to use for those times you really can’t be bothered to do your hair. I used it a lot when I was pregnant.I love the texture. It’s so close to my natural hair texture that there is no need for high heat with the flat iron to make it match. I use it when I really want to give my hair a break. It’s very versatile as wig, especially if you have quite a bit of your own hair as far as length wise when you leave your your sides and part.

  15. Donna (verified owner)

    This wig is everything! I honestly expected problem due to past purchases with different companies, but I was pleasantly surprised. I?ve been wearing wigs on & off for 6 years and this is the softest hair I?ve ever felt. I love this wig so much, I?m really wanting others to know about it. Ladies it’s great get one and get your life lol

  16. Monique (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing this wig practically everyday for the last 2 months, it’s my go to wig now. I purchased the long one. It’s acts just like my hair. It’s easy to straighten and easy to maintain. The only suggestion I have is if you feel that it’s getting tangled, just do a co-was with a cheap conditioner, let it sit for the rest of the day or night, and you should be good. Other then that it amazing

  17. Latrice (verified owner)

    Had the beautiful wig over 6 months and ladies it’s everything. I wore on vacay and it has been through water, clubs, hikes, humidity, and etc. After all that I showed it some TLC and it was brought back to life without losing much of its life lol. I love it

  18. India (verified owner)

    This wig is a game changer. I am a lazy natural who doesn’t like to do my hair. This wig is easy to put and it looks good. Not to much shedding. The price was a bit much but it was worth it.

  19. Kerry (verified owner)

    I love it! I have gotten so many compliments omg it’s literally the best, true to length. Very thick and is very natural looking. Free tangles and very little shedding. love it ?????????????

  20. Jai Bella

    Very natural feeling and great price. I used for a up/down next ninja bun style and the compliments were endless, I actually had a women who thought this was my natural hair because it blends so well. I will be making this purchase again! A must have for protective hair styling. 4 stars becuase I was having a hard time getting the perfect fit but its still a good unit.

  21. Faith (verified owner)

    Those baby hairs on this wig tho!!!! This wig is flawless!!!! I have had mines for 3 months and I can’t get enough of it. Thank MNHE

  22. Khloie (verified owner)

    I love the texture of this wig. The blown out look is so cute and it looks cute on me. The hair is soft and it’s full. This wig has lots of volume. I have no complaints. I give this 5 stars.

  23. Kristy

    This is my second time ordering within 3 months. Only because I like the site and the amazing hair. I receive daily compliments with this hair, so much that it’s becoming a bit much explaining to people that’s it’s not my real hair. It doesn’t matter where I go someone is complimenting or asking how/what products I use on my hair because it is so pretty and thick. I love it. I can wear this hair everyday! I’m ordering another one next month and probably again in a couple more months in some curly textures not sure which one yet though.

  24. JayQuilla (verified owner)

    Great wig, I love it and everyone is giving me compliments! It is like a natural blowout. It has a great thickness. The hair is soft and it stays put. I am overall pleased with this hair. Thanks MNHE my summer is about to be lit!!!!

  25. Winnie

    This is the best lace front wig, in the world, well maybe not the world, but it has to be close. I have purchased really upscale wigs in the last 5 years costing a grip quality questionable. Not this wig it is holding up super super excellent if that makes any sense. This one is a keeper.

  26. Cassidy H.

    Trying to protect my hair so I got the full with with the lace closure in the medium length. So far so good. Good quality of hair. wig made well. good customer servive.

  27. Sandra W.

    This wig is absolutely amazing I literally just put this wig on brush my hair in to blend( Fyi I got the u part) and I’m out the door. I get so many compliments and stares from people wondering if this is my real hair. This is great quality of hair. A must buy!!! This is my 3rd one I am addicted!
    Sandra W.

  28. Jaysha M.

    Oh my goodness I’m in love with this wig! You know it’s perfect when several people ask you if it’s your hair or tell you they like what you did with your hair! I will be buying some clip ins in this texture for sure! Quality product and good service. I love supporting my own. You have a customer right here ladies.

  29. Leslie B.

    Love this unit. Depending on your hair type it blends well. Next time I will add a little color. Overall its really soft, no tangling so far. Looks natural. I would like the unit a little longer but I’m taller than most ,6’2 so it falls kind of short for me lol.

  30. Samone

    It looks exactly the way my real hair looks when I wash and blow dry it. Not the straight and silky look that makes it look so fake! I will not be going back to the other type of hair. It’s all coarse for me and I’m loving it! Yaaasssss

  31. Kathie

    I have natural hair and find it difficult to find hair that blends easily at times. The color and texture matched mines wonderfully. All I had to do was blowout my perimeter and braid down the rest. The quality of the hair was amazing. Was able to style in several ways. It’s my new go to. I have had it for about 2 months now and Im still very happy with this hair. Customer service was good. Shipping took 2.5 weeks though but she told me thats because the make the units to order. Just wish shipping was faster. But other than that a really good product and they kept me informed until my baby arrived.

  32. Aikea B.

    LOVE THIS! So many people thought it was my real hair! I wear alot of curly hair pieces due to my own hair texture is curly and it’s very easy to maintain. I finally decided to wear my hair straight and wore this add -on… I had received so many compliments and they thought that I finally wore my own personal hair out! I had to tell me nope, just an add on. I highly recommend this style… very realistic texture. Can’t wait to purchase another communication with them was easy and pleasant. I got a nice thank you card with my order. Im pleased with my experience and the product is bomb!

  33. Torrie

    This wig is amazing!

  34. Arlene B (verified owner)

    This hair is remarkable!! After a few weeks of wear, this hair is still soft and manageable. The best part is it is still tangle free!! This wig is Everything!!! I would definitely purchase again.

  35. Lady Tee

    Absolutely love this wig, I pin it up in a high bun or pony and it looks amazing. The texture and color match up great. I was able to run a warm ceramic flat iron through it with some wig spray to give it a little bend. I am in love. We have gotten so many compliments. Everyone thinks that i have some expensive hair do, and it only cost a fraction of what this type of style would at a salon. The best part for me, aside from the price is that it only take me 5-7 minutes to get it on and i’m out the door. Definitely recommend this one. Ive allways used their kinky straight hair but this is a game changer LOL. I love the upart one. Thats the one I got. Im not good with closures and stuff. But you can not go wrong with the U part wig style. Shipping could be a lot faster, quality is great, and customer service is average.

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