Weft Sealant


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The weft sealant pen is 17ml and will be enough to seal 3-4 bundles when properly used. Dries Clear.

OH NOOO!  Everybody hates excessive shedding! UGH GRRR! Well here at MNHE we offer a cost efficient method to help kill the horrible shed monster. Although it is virtually impossible to get rid of all shedding there are things that can be done to greatly reduce excessive shedding to very minimal shedding.  Sealing your wefts is the answer.  My Natural Hair Extensions are professionally wefted and we have very minimal shedding to begin with but it is still a great idea to seal wefts.

We highly recommend sealing your wefts if you are buying the Kinky curly. It is not necessary for Straighter textures. Curlier textures tend to put more tension on the weft during styling.  Sealing your wefts will help reduce shedding.


  1. 1- lay your extensions out on a flat surface
  2. 2- remove lid from sealant pen and start from one end of the weft and squeeze gently and lightly sliding the pen slowly down the weft, add slight pressure to make sure the sealant gets into the weft until one side is fully covered
  3. 3- LET SIT FOR 1-2 HOURS
  4. 4- Flip weft over and repeat steps 1-3
  5. 5- Hang your wefts on a hanger and let them set completely overnight