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35 reviews for Kinky Straight Hair Extensions

  1. Loriann

    Yes yes yes… I love this site… Customer service is superb! Thanks so much for going above and beyond! Okay Im natural and I have 4a/4b hair and I wanted to try something different. I was going to get the bobraz but Im in Tallahassee FL and its like 130 for a freaken 10″ and 150 for a 12″ NO MAM LOL. If you keep the bobraz straight This hair is like identical in texture and look for much less. Ive had it in for about 3 weeks now and its still looks amazing. And when i rod or wand the hair the curls last FOREVER lol. If I wand it i literally have to wet the hair for the curls to leave (can i get a high 5 lol) Also I did not seal my wefts and i get very minimum shedding. The wefts looked well constructed so i didnt bother. I can tell a good wefting job from a bad one. To blend I blow dry my hair AND THATS IT! (can i get another high 5!!!) I am the first to leave a review so im trying to hit all the points. Oh yea i dont get any matting, a few tangles here and there but i expect that with this hair. Okay my sistas I believe thats it 🙂 Hope that helps.

  2. Kaylee

    OMG this hair was much softer than i ever thought it would be. I was a bit worried because looking at the picture i thought there may have been a possibility of it arriving a little dry or brittle at the ends but yall the pic does not do this hair justice. Im super excited! Much better than some of the previous KS hair ive tried from this other company. So excited and cant wait to put this baby in!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS YALL

  3. Jackae’

    Beautiful gorgeous hair. Nothing but good things to say. Thank u for good customer service very polite and kind. The hair is amazing true to its weight and length. Texture is soft and very pretty. Thank u

  4. Justine

    Just got my Kinky Straigt in Today from the Black Friday sale and it is even better than I thought it would be. First of all I got a thank you card with my order and that was sweet. Nobody does that anymore and It was personal and Hand written! Thank you for that. As far as the hair goes It is THE BOMB.COM really! SUPER soft. its not stiff or anything. I do believe it came ready to install but i wanted to wash it anyway and the quality did not change one bit! When i washed all 3 bundles I got maybe about 10 strands of hair! To me thats nothing. I got 16″ 18″ 20″ and when i measured the hair It was true to length! Actually it was LONGER! MORE LIKE 17″ 19″ 21″ I did not get shorted at all! Just perfect. I will be a repeat customer for sure! Oh and I was a first time buyer and my experience was just wonderful. A++ Ladies!

  5. Tonyetta

    This hair gives me LIFE!!!!! I know everybody says that lol but it really does. Im SUPER glad i went with this company. Not many review out the the customer service was far beyond excellent and the hair lives up to my expectations. Purchased during the buy 2 get 1 free black friday sale so it took a while to arrive ugh but i was cool with that. LOVE LOVE FREAKIN LOVE and worth the wait!

  6. Rachelle

    two words!… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YAL! This hair looks just like the picture. Its very kinky but still very soft! Thank you for my personal thank you card. That was kind 🙂 I literally just left my stylist house and I will definitely be submitting photos to the gallery! Stay tuned 🙂 5 stars from me ladies.

  7. Karissa (verified owner)

    This is my first time wearing Kinky Straight, as well as ordering from this company and I’m so glad I did! I was a little skeptical about how well this hair will blend with mine because I’m natural, but all I have to do is flat iron my hair on the lowest setting and its perfect! So far I’m not getting any tangles or shedding (but I did seal my wefts). I don’t mind the crimps in the hair, but I do wish they were a bit more subtle. I just flat iron mine out on a low setting to tone it down because I don’t want to completely lose the natural texture of the hair. Great customer service and the handwritten note I received with my hair was a nice touch!

  8. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I love this hair!!!! I wanted some hair extensions that look more like my hair texture, my friend gave me two websites and I checked this one out and wow, I was amazed!!! I ordered over the Christmas holidays great sale! I received the hair on January 11, 2014. The hair is soft and beautiful!!! I ordered 1 12 inch and 2 14 inches and a 12 inch closure. I have had the hair for a week. I haven’t had any shredding or tangeling. I had my stylist flat iron when I first got in. I flexirod it and it came out beautiful!! I would have like to have gotten an handwritten note but all in all I am so loving this hair. Thank you! This is where I will be purchasing from now on!!!!!!!!!

  9. A. G. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this hair. It blends very well with my natural hair. LAID! This hair gives me life! I have worn the hair for 2 months and just washed and conditioned it and it looks like it did when I first received it. The customer service I received was OUTSTANDING!!! I will definitely be purchasing again. 5 star quality and service! 🙂

  10. Johana

    Just got my hair in from the preorder and OMG it took FOREVER like WTF, but well worth the wait. they kept me updated the entire time and the hair is beautiful just as described and like the picture. I cant wait to install. Super soft, i washed the hair and quality did not changed. Love it!

  11. Lola (verified owner)

    i bought my hair in december, and i am just writing a review now because i really wanted to give a true analysis of the hair.
    so shipping was timely, customer service was great, so thumbs up to that. i got my hair during the buy two get one free, so i bought the kinky straight 10,12 and 14 inches. the hair is true to length, maybe even longer than most weaves out there, its nice and soft, doesnt shed, i didnt seal the wefts, and i had very minimal shedding,i died the hair black, and it didnt change the texture, i have 4 c hair, styled the hair with a little leave out portion, matched my texture and looked natural, bottom line, this is some good hurrr!!! well worth the $$$

  12. ERIN

    VERY NICE SOFT. LOOKS JUST LIKE THE PICTURE. This is a good alternative to the Bohyme Brazilian Wave and its cheaper. It was exactly what i was looking for. It gets fairly straight to when you flat iron it and when you wash it it goes back to to being in a blow out state. No tangeling or shedding issures either. Overall i am satisfied with my order. Very nice kinky straight hair. OH I ASKED THEM IF IT WAS REMY HAIR AS WELL AND IT IS! which is probably why i didnt have tangeling issues.

  13. k22butterfly (verified owner)

    Love the hair! Only reason for 4 stars and not 5 was one bundle was darker than the other. Otherwise, it?s soft, “kinky,” and THICK. I used two bundles 14 and 16 inches and left the top out. Mixing with my hair like butter! It?s act just like me hair blow-dried out so far. It?s not heavy and the stylist loved it too! It flat irons well too! Very pleased so far new installed so, I?ll follow-up in 2 months.

  14. LeenaLove

    I love love love this hair. My old discrepancy is that the color I got is not what I wanted but, I know that it was supposed to be different. I didn’t think it would be like a 1B/2 mix, I was thinking more of a 1B color. The hair is soft and really nice. They cut the hair straight across it looks like.

  15. Addy (verified owner)

    When first debating whether I should buy this product, I first of course looked at the reviews. Seeing nothing but five star ratings and positive comments, I was excited to purchase this hair. I bought two bundles, a 14 inch and 16 inch. The 16 inch bundle was fine, it had the texture of blow dried natural hair and blended well with my blow dried 4a kinks. The 14 inch bundle was not as good. It didn’t seem to have the same texture as the 16 inch bundle. It was more straight and shiny (but not overly so). I hadn’t manipulated this hair with heat so I was confused as to why this happened. Although it does not say, when washing the hair, I used cool water instead of warm or hot as to not damage the steaming process on the hair. My complaint was voiced and the MNHE customer service promptly sent me an email apologizing and offering to send me a kinkier bundle. That offer was very kind and much appreciated.

  16. Lita (verified owner)

    I ordered kinhy straight 12′ and absolutely love it. I typically can not keep a weave in because the hair is usually heavy to me, but this hair is light. When washed and blown out it looks exactly like my hair. I bleached my hair blonde and it does change the texture of it but it is still awesome. I’ve never kept a weave in longer than a few weeks before now.I absolutely love this hair. It is mangeable and I can rock the same styles as wearing my natural hair.

  17. Brittany S.

    I’ve been natural for about 1 year now and this hair is absolutely PERFECT for me. WOW! I ordered two 14″s and 1 12″s and wore the hair in an updo for my wedding. It was an absolutely flawless blend, and I am a 4c. Once my leave out section was flat ironed, this weave was LAID. The texture, the color, everything. My hair is a dark brown, and the color of this hair was between a 1b and a 3. There were definitely color variations, but it looked good when it was installed. IT IS SO SOFT! I really have nothing negative to say about this hair. Thank you MNHE for delivering a quality product for kinky girls like me.

  18. Cheree (verified owner)

    I have had this hair in for about 2 months, this is the longest I have ever had a sew in weave. It blends perfectly with my own hair with a light flat iron and I have worn it in many styles. I especially like that it mimics my real hair so well and I can wear it in bantu knots or pin-curls. Sometimes I’ll let my natural hair and the weave air dry and just bantu knot it. Trust me, no one can tell the difference!
    I find that when I bantu knot it, it does a good job of holding the curl. But it does poof up in the humidity if you try to wear it straight. I feel like the hair is kind of stiff and not as silky as I would like which is why I gave it only 4 stars. I just bought the course yaki can’t wait to decide which one I prefer.

  19. Dorothy

    Originally when I first received this hair it was a little too crimped for my liking and the color was definitely too light to match my own hair. But I experimented with permanently dying the hair myself and had my hair dresser install it. After blow drying the hair and seeing it right next to my leave out both myself and my hair dresser were shocked at how well it blended! Over time with a couple washes this hair only blended even better to my own hair and I loved it even more since I did not have to worry about straightening my hair everyday or adding extra oil to match the sheen of the weave. Even my mom and some of my closet friends could not believe that a weave could match my hair so well. I could not be happier with this hair it perfectly matches my relaxed/ texlaxed/ transitioning hair with only a light blow dry!! I just ordered two fresh bundles to install before I go off to grad school.

  20. rietta117 (verified owner)

    This hair is AMAZING. I ordered a 14″ and 16″ and had it installed, with my perimeter out. My beautician was THOROGHLY impressed with this hair. Once she had it installed, I had her flat iron it [so I wouldn’t have to] and it blends PERFECTLY. I did darken the hair [because my natural hair is JET BLACK] and it has not damaged the quality one bit. Co workers that see me daily, have asked if it is my hair…The luster blends wonderfully and there has been no shedding or tangling…so at this point *****

    I plan on updating this review in a few weeks after I’ve had ample gym time [which includes swimming] and going on my cruise…but, so far, so good…even co workers that don’t really talk to me have complimented my hair…that says a lot around here lbvs

  21. Lizzy

    I wanted to let you know I got the kinky straight hair installed today. First I USED a Henna Black cream from whole foods for my own hair and the extensions. ONE 12 inch and one 14 inch. My hair stylist was amazed after doing the vixen sew in. I came in with blow dried hair and she didn’t have to use a flat iron. She blow dried the extensions and used a paddle brush then did two french braids. I can’t wait to try different styles especially with some flexi rods and curling coconut cream to set it.

    My own grandmother doesn’t even know I went out and installed extensions since I keep it french braided or in a bun. Ha!

    I am returning to see all my friends in california after going away to grad school in NY for the fall semester.The real test is when my sweety sees me. He has always hated weaves because he can always tell due to other women wearing unbelievable textures or lengths. He’s never seen my hair in its straightened before, but he knows me to have long natural hair. It’s not a drastic difference since my own hair is 10-11 inches and the extensions at its longest are 14 inches.

    Thank You so much!

  22. Jordaan

    OMG i love this hair. This is exactly what i have been looking for. I got the 14″ 16″ 18″ lengths and i died it jet black to match my hair and everybody thinks it mine. Even though its long it blends so well that i catch ppl stairing and girls jocking at it lol. I can wait to order more. NO MATTING AT ALL but i do have some shedding. Its slight tho. Yes i love it!!! I recommend 100%

  23. Chantell (verified owner)

    Hello Everyone! I LOVE THIS HAIR. I’ve had it in for a few days, and it’s been treating me kindly. *HERE’S MY EXPERIENCE* I ordered my hair during the sale, and expected some delays. I started to get really anxious/excited, so after about ten business days I emailed about it. I sent that email in the morning, and by that evening I received a tracking number.:-) I didn’t get a special note or anything spiffy just beautiful bundles of hair! In preparation for my install I: sealed the wefts, co-washed the hair with the recommended conditioner and allowed it to air dry. I have 4C *limited heat* natural hair, and I manipulated my hair a tad bit more than I wanted. However, once this hair is blended and laid.. ITS LAID! It does shed a little, but nothing crazy. I have not yet experienced a lot of tangling, but I also don’t use a lot of products to cause a build up. I also used a Comb Blow Dryer to slightly tame the hair. All in all this hair is WONDERFUL, and I’m flipping it as I type. XOXO

  24. Nina (verified owner)

    Before placing order I spoke to someone that was able to go over details on all the types they offer; which was nice she also gave advice on which texture to try according to my hair type 4b/4c.
    Hair came with instructions on how to keep it up. No bad smell, soft and thick. Lil shedding but not enough to complain about. Ive had the hair installed for almost 2 months now with leave out. Hair is holding up very well!!! I wash as instructions recommend but with As Iam cleansing conditioner for now only bc i haven’t had the chance to purchase what they recommend for the hair. Styles Ive done: as is with hair in its natural state, braid out, twist out, roller set, and also straight. The hair bounces right back to the kinky look after wash and flat iron. Would def order again hair is amazing!!! just purchased the coarse hair to try need to shop at local hair store again def recommend mynaturalhairext.!! Thanks

  25. Ebony

    Great hair and awesome customer service. I love this hair its super cute thick full and everything. I use a wand and flexirods with it and it comes out very cute. No issuse here. Will buy again

  26. Kabresha

    Yall cant tell me this hair is not laid! I got this kinky straight in 16″ 18″ 20″ and i love it. I have long 4a 4b hair. If i didnt buy such long lengths Nobody would ever guess it wasnet my hair. I aint got no problems with the hair, the company or the service. Well done yall will continue to get my business! Thanks for thinking of us sistas FOR REAL!!!!

  27. CeCe (verified owner)

    Prior to my last order, was one of my top 2 favorite hair companies. The last time I ordered the kinky straight in 14/16 it was great. After my last order, however, I am not so sure. I ordered the same texture but in shorter lengths. I ordered during a sale and so I anticipated a lag in processing. When I emailed to inquire, as it was the end of the expected holiday processing time, my order was shipped. Maybe that was a bad idea because this hair is very different from my previous order. First, I noticed the hair was darker than a natural black. Typically virgin hair is lighter than my own, this hair is actually darker for both bundles…strange. The hair had a slight smell. It also had a lot more luster than my previous bundles and the texture was more silky than I remember. When I washed it prior to install the 14 inch shed more than I am accusomed to. The hair is soft, which is a plus, but doesn’t compare to my previous order. It does look quite natural. Several people including family thought it was mine so it blends well. Shedding continues to be a problem. I don’t know if my expectations were too high because of the great experience with my previous order or if I have a bad batch of hair. Its unfortunate because I have recommended this company to several people but if they get bundles like the last two I received they may be disappointed. I hope this is isolated becaue like I said the previous order was fabulous.

    • My Natural Hair Extensions (verified owner)

      Hello CeCe

      The color options can vary from a natural dark brown to a natural black. It is likely that your previous order was closer to brown and this one is closer to black. Since our extensions are virgin in color (meaning we do not dye them) no two bundles or batches will be identical in color or texture although we try our hardest to make them that way. We do not normally get complaints with the shedding. Our wefts are constructed well, realistically all hair will have some shedding (as our natural hair does) but we do take steps to make sure are wefts are constructed well and we offer weft sealers. Thank you for your honest review and we have taken it very seriously. Thank you for your trust and valued business.

  28. Jazz (verified owner)

    Bottom line this hair is some good hair. It looks so much like mine. I don’t have to worry about the weather or anything. It’s soft. The length was good and it looks real which to me is the entire point. Love the company love the hair! It’s been a month now and I’m pretty sure I can get a second use from these bundles. I recommend for sure.

  29. maugustin (verified owner)

    I brought this hair 2014 based on the fanatics on You-Tube. I did not want to give it a quick review beause I wanted to wait to see how good this hair was. When I brought this hair I wore it 3 times for a good 2 months or so and it was beautiful like the other viewers mentioned. After wearing it for serval months I decided to wash it based on their product recommendations. First and foremost, the hair texture changed for me after washing it. The hair became matted and very frizzy. Thanks God I made made them into clips because i would have gone crazy having to deal with matted/frizzy extension. Overall, this is not the greatest hair. If you don’t plan on washing this hair than you should be fine. However, if you choose to wash it than you should think twice before purchasing. I wanted to try their coarse Kikny but i don’t think I will since they are similiar in texture. With that being said, I have tried their afro Kinky and I must say that hair is GORGEOUS.

  30. Aisha

    This hair sheds! The place I normally buy my extensions doesn’t carry kinky straight, so I gave this place a shot. I absolutely NEVER have to seal my wefts from my normal supplier. What?? I honestly don’t have that kind of time. But with this hair you must SEAL YOUR WEFTS! It’s not an unbearable amount, but it’s enough to make you want to find something better.

    The hair itself is great quality. Unidirectional cuticles (not matting and tangling), feels like it’s been gently processed. It’s a light brown color, so I had to dye it to match my 1B color. It didn’t take the dye too well.

    It seems to hold a heatless curl pretty well. I have 4 a,b,c hair and I still have to flat iron or stretch my leave out to blend, but a warm flat iron is good enough.

    I got 2 bundles of 18 inch, and it was JUST enough for a U-Part. However, I had to space the tracks like 1.5″-2″ inches apart. Further apart than I normally do. I didn’t want 3 bundles because this hair is really full and thick. 3 bundles would be too much for everyday wear.

    If they could fix the shedding problem, and offer 1/2 bundles, or lower the price so we can afford more bundles, I would be a repeat customer. I don’t know if I will order again yet. We will see.

  31. Amberlie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair. I have had Kinky straight hair from almost everyone that sells it. This was the best price and buy for my money. This hair is so soft and beautiful. I watched a couple of YT videos and made it into a upart wig and I have been wearing if for like 5 weeks now. Does this hair shed? BARELY! lol No matting either. I use a little of Icy Fantasia frizz buster serum and that is it ( i use that on all my extensions its a great product) . 2 thumbs up and the hair arrived to me earlier than expected. I recommend this hair. customer service is good as well. One of the best and ethically pleasing companies i have tried.

  32. Pumpkin

    There is nothing that I would change about the hair. It is very soft which I love and i Love the bigness/poffyness of the hair, I can slightly tame it with a flat iron. Not hardly any shedding and most of all I get tons of compliments. I ordered 2 14? and 1 12? and its just gorgeous and natural looking. This hair comes highly recommended from me!

  33. Chyna (verified owner)

    Looks like i grew it! hahaha love the hair. Im on my second instal and will purchase again. I want longer lengths this time. But i DO DO DO LOVE this texture! It is very manageable.

  34. Sheena

    Hey girls, just wanted to do a happy new years shout out! 2018 will be great for hard wroking women. I just recieved my Kinky Straight hair and i must say it is even better in person. I love it. its soft and fluffy and I cant wait for my stylist to put this baby in. Thanks for the great customer service. I will tag you all on my instagram!

  35. Harriette (verified owner)

    Best hair I’ve tried hands down and I’ve tried a lot.

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