Nubian Kinky Curly Wig

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Our Kinky Curly Nubian Wig Collection will keep you from ever having a bad hair day. It is perfect for protective styling and a great choice for those who have 3b to 3c natural hair textures. The hair is very soft and bouncy with little to no luster. 100% human remy virgin hair. This hair has never been treated with any harsh chemicals or hair dyes.

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22 reviews for Nubian Kinky Curly Wig

  1. CJ

    Beautiful hair.. Not sure about the wig yet because can’t figure out it is meant to be installed. A video or package insert card would be helpful.

  2. melissa.remigio (verified owner)

    I have a terrible scalp condition and cannot wear weaves or braids. I was hesitate to buy hair online, out of the fear that I would get a bird?s nest for a wig. But this hair looks great. It?s not even high maintenance. The curls are soft and bounce around freely. Dying the hair didn?t change the texture or softness. And I get a lot of complements. People ask me if my hair is real. But only myself and mynaturalhairextensions know for sure LOL. Customer service was great. I got a thank you card, as well as instructions on how to care for the hair. The only suggestion that I would make is that mynaturalhairextension change their tracking system. It would be great to see exactly when the hair is arriving. Other than that, I love it. Yes, it was a huge investment, but you can?t put a price on health and beauty.

    P.S. Please make more wigs for natural women who can?t wear weaves and braids.

    Natural hair sister.

  3. Lizza (verified owner)

    I knew from the first touch that It would change my life seriously.I wanted to grow my hair will not let me be great.With this unit which is the short one and the products recommended are helping a lot. The hair is easy to manage, it hardly shed, just a tiny bit really, looks just like my 3b hair and I am really getting a lot of compliments.I would also love to do a youtube review on the product as i am totally in love with it and i believe other girls/women will have the same pleasure.

  4. A’Mya (verified owner)

    I LOVE this hair. It matches my hair perfectly. I’ll def be ordering with you again. Keep up the good work and the quality of the hair and I’ll be a regular

  5. Tiffany (verified owner)

    Sooo I have to admit I was kind of skeptical, and I NEVER do reviews but for THIS wig I HAVE to do one becasue IT is LIFE??? it looks sooo natural. It looks like it?s coming straight from my scalp. Everyone I?ve seen stops me asking me about my hair and is it real and when I say it?s a wig they ask me where can they get one. I?ve been stopped by people in the stores asking me to text them the link to this wig ? I just got it about 2 weeks ago and I want to already buy another one. I had the meduim unit I may just get the long one so over the months it can be like my hair is growing ??? . Final point is : the wig is amazing ! So if you?re thinking about getting it , GET IT ???

  6. Destiny (verified owner)

    I love the texture and quality of this hair. It looks mimics my natural hair texture! This hair has minimum tangle and shedding. It’s perfect for the days I don’t feel like my hair. This is the best hair I’ve ever purchased! We love it!

  7. Senita (verified owner)

    I have worn this wig everyday since I purchased it. There’s been very little shedding and the hair matches my natural texture really well. It rarely gets tangly and if it does it’s easy to manage. I love the hair ! I’d recommend it to anyone tbh

  8. JD (verified owner)

    I rocked the long unit for my graduation week and felt so regal! It came out pretty voluminous and the unit blended perfectly with my hair! I love it. I had so many friends fooled, but I had to do the most for graduation! Thanks for this awesome hair

  9. Aubry (verified owner)

    I ordered this lace front wig thinking it better not come messed up when it get here. Sis Let me tell you this hair is Lit! Slay yes. Get it. I got it The long unit. It was worth it. Fits my head and I got a big head. Lol Any size head will fit it stretches. Natural looking hair line too. Comb it to your liking. I’m about to pull me a new boo With this.

  10. Tonie (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying a U-Part wig and natural curls. I LOVE IT! The hair is soft, easy to manage and looks glorious once I applied a little condish to it. I had women on the street that thought it was all mine. It doesn’t shed and only takes 5-10 min at night to do a twist out. The price was amazing as well!”

  11. Southern Bella (verified owner)

    This wig is absolutely amazing. From opening the package I new it was great quality hair. Tried it on and loved it. The hair is very curly and soft. It does not tangle or shed. After washing and following the video tutorial it came out gorgeous.I highly reccommend this purchase. Easy on and easy off hehe just what I need as I am trying to grow my hair out! The curls are so soft and pretty! I got the Closure wig so all of my hair is braided underneath. Just perfect.

  12. Alaya W (verified owner)

    Love this hair! It’s exactly the protective solution I needed for my pregnancy. I still haven’t had a chance to style it to my liking but it still looks great. I get lots of compliments. Will definitely be buying a different curl pattern from this site real soon.

  13. Makenzie (verified owner)

    Love the texture of this unit and the curl pattern is gorgeous!!! The best unit I have purchased in a long time. I have the medium one and I wear it almost every other day. Thanks MNHE

  14. Davina (verified owner)

    I should have bought this a long time ago. A bit pricy but well worth it. This hair is so pretty and easy to install. The curl pattern is on point, the curls are bouncy and soft. The upkeep so far has been a breeze. I am one satisfied customer.

  15. Shanika (verified owner)

    Thanks for the vid for instructions on how to release the curl pattern. I was a little blower at first until I seen what to do. I love this hair and so does my boyfriend. I recently did the big chop because my hair was broke off due to perms and not knowing how to take care of my hair. This unit is everything until my hair grows into a twa.

  16. Draya (verified owner)

    These reviews are spot on this wig does not disappoint at all. The only thing I didn’t like was there was a little shrinkage but I expected it and no one really noticed but me. The vid is very helpful as well. This wig is full, bouncy, curl pattern is flawless, and it’s easy to install. I highly recommend this unit.

  17. Chyna (verified owner)

    Thanks MNHE this unit sis!!!!!!! Let me tell you I wore this unit this past weekend and it has been through rain, bbq smoke, humidity, and etc. And it did not let me down. My hair wasn’t stiff or dry looking I felt bad because I took her through so much lol. I love this wig

  18. Kendra (verified owner)

    My experience with my long unit from MNHE was, AMAZING! I’ve never had a wig that looked more natural than thus one. The texture matched my hair so perfectly i could barely tell where the unit began and my hair ended. The maintenance was super easy and familiar… taking care of this hair is like taking care of my own hair. I’ve definitely become a loyal and forever customer!

  19. MiMi (verified owner)

    Ladies. LADIES!!! I am officially *obsessed* with this meduim unit. I have spent an embarrassing amount of money on trial and error over the past 6 months trying to find a wig with some staying power- and this is it. I’m floored. Seriously. I just paid $300 for a similar custom wig, which I thought was pretty nice….but then this baby arrived this past week and blew me away. Thanks MNHE

  20. Latia (verified owner)

    I have had a wonderful experience with MNHE. The hair feels natural and matches the texture of my natural hair perfectly. The hair is also very soft and easy to manipulate. I love it!

  21. Tara (verified owner)

    I LOVE this hair by the way!!! So worth the quality and it matches my curl pattern very well. I can’t wait to refresh it for my baby shower. Had it for a while and it still holds up.

  22. Mya (verified owner)

    I’m going natural and this is my first wig. I absolutely love it! The wig is very soft and really looks like your natural hair! I will definitely order again!

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