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Our kinky curly crochet is a great choice for those who have 3b to 3c natural hair textures. It works well for crochet and braided styles. The hair is very soft and bouncy with little to no luster. 100% human Remy virgin hair. This hair has never been treated with any harsh chemicals or hair dyes.

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20 reviews for Kinky Curly Crochet Hair

  1. Akira

    Great customer service. They go above and beyond what i would say is quality customer service. I ended up getting the wrong hair (completely my fault). I Wanted hair on the weft but i made a mistake and ordered bulk. So i had a bit of an attitude (because im thinking it was their fault) It also took a while to get it because of the holiday jam so you can imagine i was LIT when i opened the package. She stayed calm and nice the entire time, let me rant then politely redirected me to my receipts where it shonuff said i ordered bulk. They have a strict no return policy but not only did they let me exchange it, they waved the order change fee, and rushed my new order so i didnt have to wait to long (even after i just showed my a$$). By the end of the converstaion i was apologizing to them and thanking them for all their help and patience. Just from the customer service alone I will be a repeat customer and thank you for still taking care of your customers (even the soso dificult ones ;))

    This is only a testimonial on their customer service. I just sent the bulk back and im anxiously waiting my wefts thus the reason for 4 stars and not 5.

  2. Maylean (verified owner)

    I tried the half up and half down style and I loved how it came out. I crocheted it all in. It’s versatile, easy to crochet, gave a full look, and the hair is soft. I am looking to rock this style for at least two weeks. Customer service was prompt and I likely will purchase again. I received a thank you card with my order which was nice.

  3. April (verified owner)

    I just did a ombre color and I am in love. This hair took the color so well and it didn’t lose its luster. I have the tribal braid look and so far I can’t stop looking on the mirror. It’s so bouncy and pretty. I am so happy I purchased this hair.

  4. Ann (verified owner)

    Loved this hair!!! Blended easily with my hair texture even though I was skeptical at first ? I had it in for a wedding and rocking it til my birthday. Thanks MNHE

  5. Deedra (verified owner)

    This hair is EVERYTHING!!! I initially was skeptical to purchase it because I had a bad experience with kinky curly hair in the past, but one of my girlfriends recommended it so I went for it. I must say I am soooo glad I did! I have finally found hair that matches my hair texture, is of good quality and last. Found my new hair home thanks MNHE

  6. Amyriah (verified owner)

    LOVE this hair!! I?ve been wearing this style since the spring of 2018, I recently made a wig and the wig has lasted until now! Im ordering more because I want a full wig made with a closure, but this hair really does last a long time if you wash it and take care of it. I?ve also colored mine and that didn?t effect the texture. I?m sooo in love with this! Their wig kits come with a mesh dome cap instead of the spandex cap which I LOVE so I was able to just crochet the hair into the wig cap. Came out dope! I was trying to make something like a “lace” wig LOL doesn’t really look like lace but it looks good LOL. I recommend this hair.

  7. My’Nina (verified owner)

    At first I thought the price was a bet much but I wanted to treat myself. I recently received this hair and I can’t keep my hands out of my head. I did a crochet/twistout and absolutely love it. I got so many compliments on my hair. Looking to brush it out and see it looks like. Thank you MNHE

  8. Jasmine Nicole (verified owner)

    This hair is awesome. Beautiful curls every single day. I just refresh with some water and leave in. I have the longest length and I have it installed as micro braids. I just bend the straight ends so they are folded into the braid and leave the curly ends loose. Very pretty. If I am careful when I take the braids out I may be able to reuse the hair but I made the investment in getting human hair for my braids because I plan on doing a growth challenge and I want to leave them in for a few months and just touch up my edges. Anyways I do not have any complaints with this hair. Its very good quality and worth the price. A little faster shipping would be great so minus 1 star for the shipping time but the hair is good and my experience with the company has been a pleasant one. Nikki is amazing. Thank you

  9. Dawn (verified owner)

    I have used many different brands of kinky curly hair but this hair is hands down the BEST hair I have ever used! I love color I installed and was concerned about how it would take color. This hair took that color like a champ! Lol. I have gotten several compliments and will continue to share with others how much I love this hair. I am ordering new bundles so to get ready for my next look! Thanks so much for providing quality products. Also, I so appreciate you including instructions on how to care for the hair. This has helped to properly maintain the hair. Awesome!

  10. Lilly Sherman (verified owner)

    I am currently in my second install, I typically were my installs for 2.5 months, and the quality has not changed ( I bought two bundles) . I know people say curly hair requires much maintenance, but I personally feel with this hair that?s not the case. I treat this hair just how I treat my own. Sometimes I braid it before bed, sometimes I don?t. Sometimes I tie it up at night, the majority of the time I don?t. Just like my own hair with water and some conditioner the curls detangling is not an issue and the curls will appear. The hair has minimal shedding. People seriously think this is my hair, men and women! I?m probably going to buy another bundle for next install and that? only because I want my hair to be a bit longer. I intend on being a regular customer and hope the quality of this hair never changes =)

  11. Leila (verified owner)

    I?m beyond obsessed with this hair. It?s so soft, easy maintenance with no shedding or tangling. This is definitely my go to winter hair, and I?ll definitely be buying from you guys again. Hands down the best 3b/3c curly hair bulk I?ve ever purchased? And I?ve gone through my fair share.

  12. Shayla (verified owner)

    Love this hair. I have had this hair for almost 2 months now and I still get compliments people think is it my real hair. I tell strangers but friends think this is my own hair. It is worth the investment, you will be back when it comes time to purchase again.

  13. Sharon (verified owner)

    I love this hair. I placed an order last weekend and I am so excited to receive it. Everyone has nothing but complements on my hair. It detangles easily and it is so easy to style. No one can tell that the hair is extensions, so exciting.

  14. Livali (verified owner)

    OK? I love this hair. First install was in January and I didn?t know what to expect, I lighted the ends (Ombre?) ? BUT I FELL IN LOVE.. second install was a few weeks ago..
    I cannot get enough of this hair. My only problem is my hair stylist and the shop assistants.. they think this is a spray and go kind of hair.. and its not.. its has to be moisturized and twisted…It requires some TLC? I am definitely about to do a 3rd install? with the same 3 bundles that I purchased in January!!! I had it crocheted onto a net wig cap to make something similar to a upart.

  15. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

    This hair is just so amazing words can?t explain?..I?ve had this hair in for 1 month took it out and reinstalled it for 2months now and have gotten nothing but complements. It blended with my hair so well, it is a bit of high maintenance(I am super lazy) but for the quality of the the hair you wouldn?t treat it any other way. I took it out yesterday washed it and it back to new this hair is simply wonderful ???.

  16. goluminous1 (verified owner)

    I love this hair. I was looking to try a new look and I came across this awesomebulk of hair. My stylist braided my hair and was in awe with how good it looked. It was soft, easy to braid without to many tangles. I love my braids they are so pretty. The straight ends where a little longer than expected but it didn’t matter once it was braided into my hair.

  17. Cindy J (verified owner)

    I love this hair so much. I don?t have to try hard to blend my hair and the texture is amazing. It looks great with almost any natural hairstyle you would continuous own hair. I?ve had it in for almost a full month. Will be using this hair for a while. The ends are straight so you have to cut those if your going to do some crochet styles but it didn’t bother me. It would be better for braiding hair though. But it still came out beautifully. Its hard to find human curly crochet hair!

  18. SONYA B. B. (verified owner)

    This hair is everything!!! I have had my two bundles for almost 1 month and it has been a delight. I am now ready to purchase new bundles. Worth the price?blends exceptionally with my hair and takes coloring very well. Thank you

  19. Paris (verified owner)

    Before I talk about the hair I want to talk about the customer service. You guys know your stuff not one of my questions left me indecisive. Very polite, knowledgeable, and offer a few hair styling tips. Now to the hair when I first received my hair I didn’t like it. I was a little unsure how it would look. After my stylist hooked me up I was sold. This hair came through ladies I got the soft curls and natural look. You guys have a repeat customer.

  20. Joyce (verified owner)

    I have purchased from several companies; some with amazing reviews and steep prices. None offer the same quality, consistency, and longevity as My Natural Hair Extensions. I have been using this kinky curly hair bulk for a while as a protective style which are braids. I?ve installed it twice over the course of the year, and it only looks more natural with each application. My sister also purchased the kinky curly bundles and has been equally pleased. It?s worth every penny. Customer service is good as well. I will recommend them.

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