Extension Storage & Carrier

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Extension Storage and Carrier

We are excited to offer you this amazing new product! We have created an extensions storage and carrier bag for the ultimate protection, preservation, and storage of your extensions. Not only will this bag keep your extensions well preserved it serves as the ultimate carrying case as well.  We often toss our extensions in a drawer, bag or on some random shelf allowing them to either become tangled or collect dust when they are not in use. Taking great care of your extensions goes beyond using good styling products!

My Natural Hair Extensions Storage and Carrier features:

  • a zipped transparent front to allow you to see your extensions inside the storage bag
  • a stylish pink wooden carrier with a silver hook
  • will securely hold most extensions
  • will hold any length of hair (HOWEVER any lengths longer than 20″ or 22″ may touch the bottom of the bag when hung upright)

If you are going to store loose bulk braiding hair make sure to fold the hair in half over the hanger then close the hanger. Keep the extensions hung in an upright position for the storage of loose braiding hair.

7 reviews for Extension Storage & Carrier

  1. NANNETTE LAPORTE (verified owner)

    I was looking at this for a while and once I watched the demo video, I was sold. I have 3 bundles of hair currently hanging in my extension storage/carrier. My stylist was very impressed when I brought my extensions in this holder?….I would highly recommend this item!?

  2. Tova

    This carrier is #winning! I’ve had this carrier for two months for my clips and this carrier hasn’t ripped, faded, no zipper broken or nothing. Thank you! Just what I needed for traveling and such!

  3. Tia

    This carrier is bomb!!!!! I recently purchased the afro kinky curly wig and ladies this carrier keep my wig safe and ready for whatever the day may bring. If you have not got one please invest it is a must have.

  4. Gloria

    Thank you MNHE this storage carrier is a life saver. I am so bad with my wig upkeep and storage and this carrier has changed the way I handle my wigs.

  5. Tova

    All I wanna know is when are you guys coming out with different colours? This is my fav storage bag ???

  6. Bella Bella

    Awesome storage bag! Quality is great and very durable. I need like 2 more Lol. So handy.

  7. A. Hunter

    Just received this carrier in the mail and I am so excited!!!!! Can’t wait to put it to good use.

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