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Our Curly Collection is a great choice for those who’s natural hair texture closely resembles 3a barrel curls. The hair is very soft and bouncy with medium luster. 100% human remy virgin hair. This hair has never been treated with any harsh chemicals or hair dyes.

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The Best 3B 3A Curly Hair Extensions

Our 3A 3B hair extensions are an ideal match for those with natural curl patterns. This curl pattern has beautiful barrel curls. It has a medium luster so it will blend well with your leave out. We also have closures in this texture if you want to fully protect your hair. Our exclusive Curly Collection allows you to wear extensions without changing your unique individual style. To preserve this hair while in use we recommend you twist it at night and wear a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. This will help prevent tangles and excess shedding. This texture is also available in clip-ins, bulk/crochet hair, and wigs.

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The color rang Natural Dark Brown to Natural Black 3B / 3A Weave

  • Texture blends will with 3a to 3b natural textures.
  • Medium to low luster.
  • Hair is about 3.5 oz (give or take 0.2 oz)
  • Available Lengths: 10″ to 28″  (measured straight not curly)
  • 100% human hair
  • Remy (cuticles aligned in the same direction)
  • This hair can be cut, colored, dyed, flat-ironed, washed, conditioned, bleached and much more!
  • DISCLAIMER bleaching or lifting color can change its quality. We do not recommend flat ironing this hair. High heat can loosen the beautiful curl pattern we have created please use a heat protectant.

The Best Curly Hair Extensions Online

Weight 3.5 oz

10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28"

29 reviews for Curly Bundle

  1. Paige (verified owner)

    The hair is a beautiful texture and is very full. The hair sheds but the shedding is very minimal. I love the hair and would honestly order it again. Thanks MNHE for such awesome service and hair.

  2. Kieyona (verified owner)

    This hair is so beautiful! The moment I received it I fell in love with it however I didn?t want to get carried away because it?s just hair and with curly hair you never know but I made this hair into a wig and curled it and it?s just THE BOMB.COM!!!!!! This is seriously the best Hair I?ve received from any company. It?s doesn?t tangle at all for a curly hair and barely shades wow. Truly love it!

  3. Vivian Carter (verified owner)

    This hair is amazing! It did exactly what I needed it to do, as far as the curl pattern.. no shedding or tangles. I made a wig unit and cut it short to get a bob for the summer.. 16 inch frontal and 3 14 inch bundles.. I only used about 2 and 1/3 or the bundles. Definitely recommend this hair!!! And the hair came very fast. ????

  4. Joseline (verified owner)

    I like the curl. I conditioned the hair before my hair stylist installed the hair. It?s very full. I will play with the hair a little more to define the curls after brushing them out. I think the hair looks very natural. I can?t wait to wet the hair and wear it to work.Thanks MNHE ????

  5. Monique R. (verified owner)

    The hair blends beautifully with my hair, arrived quickly, no smell and very true to length. Im content so far. Will be back with an update.

  6. Carmen (verified owner)

    This Was The Best Curly Hair I’ve Ever Had and thats saying a lot because I have tried some companies and either their hair was horrible with good service or the hair was nice with shitty service. So far my experience with My natural hair extensions has been a good one. I really do like the hair. It’s So Thick & Soft. At first when i looked at my package i was like “this is it” the hair seems small because its wrapped tight but once I unraveled the bundles and installed the hair it got huge LOL. And I dont think I even used all full 3 bundles (however you will likely need at least 2.5). The Shipping Was okay. The Customer Service Was Perfect?? I think I will be sticking around for a while. Highly Recommend this Hair. Only reason for the 4 stars is because shipping just took a while but it was wroth the wait.

  7. Queen M (verified owner)

    I love the hair , it came pretty fast. Very soft , not too much of a smell that I’ve noticed . I got it for my birthday and this was my first experience of ever ordering hair online. Love it I’ll deff order from here again .

  8. Beverly (verified owner)

    The hair is so pretty and soft and when I run my fingers through there is no tangles or shedding. I am a first timer buying from this company and I like what I got and I will be purchasing from you guys and you guys only. Thanks for an awesome first time buyer experience extremely easy I am satisfied with my hair. About to turn these babies into a unit! I will tag you all on instagram. Thanks again.

  9. Monique R. (verified owner)


    Okay so I am back with my update:
    I have been wearing the hair for just over two months now long enough to leave an honest and accurate review. It is true to length and the bundles are full enough. I’m wearing it sewn down to a upart wig in which the wig is sewn to my braids underneath so I am sleeping in this unit. I only take it off to wash my braids underneath because i work out about frequently. It looks amazing, the curls really pop even without product but if you want the curls to last put a little leave in conditioner.

  10. Kalisa (verified owner)

    I’m extremely happy with the product! I had some slight trouble with receiving my package, but that was mainly because of delivery people. Customer service was very responsive and helpful. They constantly checked in to make sure I received my hair and was happy with the outcome. The hair is extremely soft, smells good, and looks amazing! I’ve literally gotten compliments everyday since I had it installed. I have little to no shedding and it doesn’t tangle a lot like curly hair I’ve had in the past. I will definitely purchase from here again and I’m sure many of my friends and family will in the future too!

  11. Elle S. (verified owner)

    So far this hair is ok I received the hair pretty fast. The hair had no smell and I bleached the hair and it was still nice a curly. I’m so in love with the curls. So far I only use water and moisturizer on the hair. I will defeintly leave additional feed back because I have only had the hair for about a week. But the hair is nice and soft and minimum shedding. I made a wig

  12. Reagan (verified owner)

    I had this hair installed for about 4 days now. So far i love it. The curls are beautiful they aren?t hard at all to manage. Haven?t had much shedding at all. I?ve gotten so many compliments on this hair. If you are on the fence like I was just read some reviews, and do some research. I liked this company, they seem to be quite but the hair is BEAUTIFUL!

  13. Naturi (verified owner)

    This hair was amazing. So soft, pretty and super thick bundles I ordered the closure as well and 2 of the 18inch bundles. The bundles did not appear to be thick AT ALL when i took it out of the package but this hair swells and is wrapped tightly so that was a little deceiving. I Did get more hair than I though which was a good thing because I was like what the heck LOL. As of now im happy with my purchase and glad I chose this company over some others out there. I support our own and proud of it! Good customer service, I appreciate my thank you card as well. Quality product and good service. Blessing to you Nikki and much success on your company. I will be a repeat customer!

  14. Serenity (verified owner)

    First time ordering hair from this company and I am highly impressed. Hair came in a speedy time frame. Ordered Tuesday morning and got the hair on a Friday. Dyed the hair with color and developer, no bleach. Color lifted just as I wanted, took process well! Hair is still soft and I loveeeeee the curls. Will be ordering again very soon.

  15. Sasha (verified owner)

    I made a unit with the hair I have been wearing it for about a month now with very little shedding only a few strands. I wet the hair everyday and add curling cream then brush with a wig brush and it is beautiful.

  16. KeKe (verified owner)

    Look I know how y?all be lookin for hair , Like naw ion know about this ain?t gone try it , just because she left 5 stars !! LOOK I was you right now ! this hair is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS , arrived Quickly and fantastic communication .. I dyed it and errthang and still was the BOMB !! GIRL DONT HESITATE ORDER & if you a MALE get yo boo these bundles and put a SMILE ON YA LIL BABY FACE??

  17. Payton (verified owner)

    I love this hair! This is the only company I order from. I had it in for a month and it still looks new I twist it at night and use my satin bonnet. It requires a little upkeep but I am used to curly hair and this is likely one of the easiest textures I have had. My texture is no where near this so I did get a closure. The wefts and closure are both constructed well. I will be ordering again in the future and I recommend.
    – I ordered 3 bundles 16″ 14″ 12″ and I put the 12″ on bottom, 14″ in the middle and the 16″ on top to get that heart stacked shape.
    -little shedding ( wefts were sealed with a sealant I had from another company)
    -soft to the touch
    -true to length
    – color closer to a number 2 in my opinion so may require color if you have very dark or jet black hair

  18. Clarie W. (verified owner)

    This hair is affordable & worth it i have no complaints with this hair. It shipped to my house within 7 days! Shedding is minimum easy to manage. I shampooed and conditioned this hair as soon as i got it . conditioner and water mixed in a spray bottle is all that the hair needs NO EXTRA products is necessary. Comb from the ends then work your way up. Be sure to twist your hair at night & wear a slick bonnet. I will be purchasing this hair again.

  19. Natoya (verified owner)

    Im so in loveeee with this hair, its so soft and exactly as described. The person who send this hair, is so nice. They kept contact with me and made sure that I got my hair. So I will definitely be ordering more. I love this company and their amazing hair.

  20. Pebbles (verified owner)

    The hair was so beautiful, soft, no awful smell & it blended with my natural hair so nice !! I went on vacation to the Caribbean & some people thought it was my real hair lol, I washed the hair ; wet it daily & it still had its kinky curly texture. The customer service was very sweet & answered all the questions I had, I deff will be ordering hair from here again in the near future.

  21. This_Black_Girl_Magic (verified owner)

    This hair is very good! Surprisingly light weight then the usually curly hair, curl pattern is amazing! I bought 2 bundles of 18 inches, one of 16 and its accurate to size! I shampooed it, condition and dyed the hair deep black and it responded quite well! No tangle what so ever (at least yet) and minimum shedding! And overall for now Im really happy with the hair.

  22. Tessa (verified owner)

    Best curly hair I have ever purchased! I love the curl pattern when the hair is wet, and I also love the way the hair looks when it is in its dry state. Not to mention the hair is really soft and there is very little shedding. This hair also blends well with my curl pattern. I will be purchasing again when necessary but it seems like this hair is going to last me a very long time.

  23. Nessa C. (verified owner)

    I just installed the hair two days ago and let me tell you I absolutely adore this hair!!! I got a 14 inch closure and 2 14 inch bundles plus a 16 inch bundle. My stylist told me that the hair was so full she only had to use two bundles and I just wear the bundles brushed out to give the big hair look! I will be back to get more hair soon.

  24. Klinda (verified owner)

    The hair is lovely, and very soft. Bought 4 bundles without closure and installed 3.5 bundles. I love the curls of the hair and it doesnt shed unnecessary although I did seal my wefts just to be sure because better safe than sorry. Its hard to find hair that blends well with my texture as the curls are usually too loose or too tight. I would be back when needed (hopefully not too soon though as i hope this hair will last at least another 2 installs) however I will recommend. Overall I am satisfied with the quality and customer service. Thanks MNHE.

  25. M. Brooks (verified owner)

    Looks alot like my natural hair. Hair did exactly as I thought it would. It finger coils really cute. Buying more hair and a closure to make a full wig.

  26. S. Deeds (verified owner)

    Love this hair so much because the curls is really nice the only thing you have to do is just put water and condition it doesn’t matter what kind of condition it’s really nice I’m definitely looking forward to buy this hair again
    S. Deeds

  27. Sydelle (verified owner)

    I just got my hair and I gotta say the hair is so beautiful and soft like I’m so in love with it and I washed and deep conditioned and it looked even more beautiful I haven’t got any shedding yet but I’ll give a full updated in a month today is my first day trying these bundles.

  28. JDL (verified owner)

    This hair is amazing. no smell, no shedding, I have been able to work out, wash it and keep it moving. Very pleased with my purchase.Thanks MNHE

  29. Shan Shan (verified owner)

    Love it . Have such a beautiful texture and its soft . I bleach the hair and it took very well. The curl pattern remains the same . And the shipping was fast. Customer service was superb. And my hair is slayed to the gods. My new hair home

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