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Our coily hair is a great choice for those who’s natural hair texture closely resembles 4a. The hair is very soft and bouncy with little to no luster. 100% human remy virgin hair. This hair has never been treated with any harsh chemicals or hair dyes.

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Best Coily Hair Extensions Online

Coily hair extensions (previously Kinky Curly 4a 4b) is new and improved. It is an Ideal match for those with 4a natural hair textures. This curl pattern has small ringlets about the size of a little straw. It has a low luster so it will blend well with your leave out. We also have closures in this texture if you want to protect your hair fully. Our exclusive Coily Collection allows you to wear extensions without changing your unique individual style. To preserve this hair while in use we recommend you twist it at night and wears a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. This helps prevent tangles and excess shedding. This texture is also available in coily hair clip ins or coily crochet hair (hair without the track), and Various natural hair wigs..

ABSOLUTE QUALITY Kinky Coily Hair Weave

  • The color will range from Natural Dark Brown to Natural Black
  • Texture blends will work with 4a natural textures.
  • Medium to low luster.
  • Hair is about 3.5 oz (give or take 0.2 oz)
  • Available Lengths: 10  to 28  (measured straight not curly)
  • 100% human hair
  • Remy (cuticles aligned in the same direction)
  • This hair can be cut, colored, dyed, flat-ironed, washed, conditioned, bleached, and much more!
  • DISCLAIMER bleaching or lifting color can change its quality. We do not recommend flat ironing this hair. High heat can loosen the beautiful curl pattern we have created, and please use a heat protect-ant.

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Weight 3.5 oz

10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28"

26 reviews for Coily Bundle

  1. Tracee N. (verified owner)

    This hair looks so natural and does well when I cowash and condition it! I was very hesitant, but glad I made the investment. I even purchased the closure! My hair is about to be laid and slayed thanks to you guys ????

  2. Alessa W. (verified owner)

    I have purchase this hair roughly 5 times and I will continue to purchase it for myself as well as for my daughter. You will not find a better brand of 4a hair on the market. Note I have been using this hair off and on since March of last year

  3. Jane (verified owner)

    Matches nicely with my hair. I have done braid outs and twist outs and they turned out very nice.

  4. Solo (verified owner)

    This hair is so beautiful. I love my HAIR!!! Minimum tangles, blends with natural hair, and I get compliments on it all the time. I am on my second install and it still looks FAB. This is my new look for like EVER! I am a life long customer.

  5. Maddie (verified owner)

    Is that your hair? The question I USED to get before I discovered MNHE. Now all I get is compliments on how pretty my hair is. I’m addicted to this hair!! About to order for the third time.
    Love the company and love the customer service, love that when you receive your hair it’s packaged with care….so personal. Thank you….will continue to support.

  6. Claudette (verified owner)

    I love this hair … it blends perfectly and it just looks amazing!!! No one can tell its not mine and the quality is great… not matting little shedding .. totally worth the money.

  7. Noelle (verified owner)

    OMG I love this hair so much. This hair tho let me tell you it matches my natural hair perfectly. I’ve had this hair for about 2 months and theres really nothing bad about the hair. I have 2 10″ bundles. Best part is everyone thinks this hair is mine sshhh! lol thanks MNHE I am complete. ?????

  8. Daphne (verified owner)

    So I finally splurged on the this hair and I must say…I LOVE IT!! I get compliments all the time and it really has made me realize how one change can make a difference. I’ve crossed over to the natural world so this hair is really training me on how to be patient. This is also with the closure and I’m shocked on how natural it looks as well. Keep up the great work 🙂

  9. Ann (verified owner)

    I have used many different brands of 4a hair but this hair is hands down the BEST hair I have ever used! I love color and was concerned about how it would take color. This hair took that color like a champ! Lol. I have gotten several compliments and will continue to share with others how much I love this hair. I am ordering new bundles so to get ready for my next look! Thanks so much for providing quality products. Also, I so appreciate you including the instructions that are very detailed on how to care for the hair and the products to use. This has helped to properly maintain the hair. Awesome!

  10. Amera (verified owner)

    I fell in love with my MNHE as soon as I saw it. I purchased this hair. It matched my hair texture perfectly. I am currently transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.I was anxious to see my curl pattern so i cut the perm off my leaveout! LOL I am 10 months into my journey and needed hair that would match my natural curl pattern and provide a protective style as I transition. I have received so many compliments and questions on how I was able to receive such a magnificent curl. However, I plan to purchase more of this hair in a longer length. This hair was worth every penny. MNHE has a customer for life!

  11. jennthelilsin_89 (verified owner)

    I’m glad I purchased my hair from My Natural Hair Extensions. It was easy to blend with my natural hair it colored well and was easy to maintain. I look forward to my next purchase soon. slow shipping but great customer service and nice quality bundles. I purchased the 10″ 12″ 12″ bundles for a FULL look and I had no leave out. It sooo cute! ????????

  12. Kaylisa (verified owner)

    2 thumbs up for this hair. I absolutely have no complaints. I was torn between this and the afro kinky collection however i am glad i went with this texture because it blends better. Shedding is minimal but i did seal my wefts. I’m natural so the hair matched mine perfectly (which to me should always be the case)! There is nothing worse than a bad sew in where there are two obviously different textures. This was not a problem at all with this hair! I am definitely a loyal MNHE customer now. Thanks for the experience!

  13. Casandra (verified owner)

    I am forever endowed to MNHE this beautiful lustrous hair! Thank you for the awesome customer service and the enhanced look that you have given me with this hair! I have gotten so many compliments and everyone ACTUALLY believes that this is my hair! I will always be a customer and I am so happy! THANK YOU!!!

  14. goluminous1 (verified owner)

    I ordered 3 bundles of this beautiful hair and it came in right on time. My stylist installed it and it is amazeballs!!!! This hair is soft and bouncy. I can’t stop touching it. Awesome quality of hair

  15. Skyler (verified owner)

    You guys are on point with these bundles. I am a 4a/b and the hair I ordered in the past dies not compare to this. Packaging was nice, shipping wasn’t that bad, hair is down right gorgeous, and installing it was so simple. Thanks MNHE

  16. Christina (verified owner)

    Got this hair install for vacation two weeks ago and it still looks good. I wanted to try something different other then braids this time around. I love the texture of this hair. It blended with my own hair with little manipulation. I highly recommend this product.

  17. Quinisha (verified owner)

    It’s hard to find a good price on bundles that match your hair pattern until now!!!!! I am obsessed with this hair!!!! I am currently protective styling because I put to much heat to my hair and it needed a break. This hair is stunning!!! I plan on wearing this hair for a month maybe.

  18. Ivy (verified owner)

    Just received my hair today!!!!! It is everything that is described in the description box and more. I will be out of the country for awhile and ladies we all know how it can be when you don’t let just anybody touch your hair. I am looking to rock this the whole time I am away and when I get back I will let you know how well these bundles help up.

  19. Izzy (verified owner)

    I am having a love affair with my new hair! Oh Divalicious! New Orleans isn’t ready for me and MNHE. It is hard for us natural girls to find durable curly hair that blends well, doesn’t shed like crazy, looks marvelous, and not a nightmare to manage! Thank goodness for MNHE this hair is very soft! No one can tell it isn’t all mine, not even the super weave heads that can spot a weave a mile away. The ladies at the company are very knowledgeable and professional. So happy with my purchase.

  20. Treasure (verified owner)

    After reading multiple reviews and watching different videos from your yt channel, I took the plunge and purchase the hair from you all. It arrived promptly, my install was flawless, and it survived a vacation in Cancun being submerged in the water constantly . Everywhere I went people complemented “my” beautiful hair Money well spent!

  21. Tessa (verified owner)

    Love this hair so much. I dont have to try hard to blend my leave out and the texture is amazing. It looks great with almost any natural hairstyle you would continuous own hair. i had it in for almost a full month. Will be using this hair for a while. I think It would have been better to put on a upart wig. I have used the kinky straight from you all and it did great but I think this probably should have went on a upart wig. The hair is holding up well tho.

  22. Kenosha (verified owner)

    I must say I really love this hair!
    This hair is the bomb dot com sis. When I first had it installed the shedding for me was very minimal. The texture is exactly what I wanted. Because I am natural I wanted a natural weave to match my hair With minimal manipulation, no one could tell at all. I was very pleased and received so many compliments from men and women. I would definitely purchase again. I truly loved this hair!!! I used most of the two packs that I purchased in the 12″ length.

  23. Latricia (verified owner)

    This hair is just so amazing words can’t explain..I had this hair in for 1 month took it out and reinstalled it for 2months now and have gotten nothing but complements. It blended with my hair so well, it is a bit of high maintenance but for the quality of the the hair you wouldnt treat it any other way. I took it out yesterday washed it and it back to new this hair is simply wonderful. I will love to get a frontal in it.

  24. Amber (verified owner)

    I purchased this hair and made a upart wig with it and all I can say is Yes girl Yes! I just received another two bundles to make another unit. Being a hair stylist i already have three clients wearing this hair and they love it.. simply amazing!

  25. nadinethehairqueen (verified owner)

    There is nothing but love in my heart for this hair!!! Being a licensed cosmetologist I have dealt with plenty of hair ranging in many prices and qualities and I must say that by far MNHE has hands down the best kinky curly hair in its price range. Easily blends with my natural hair and it is soooo very natural looking! I refuse to shop anywhere else for hair since the first day I laid eyes on this hair. Thanks MNHE!

  26. @foxyndabay_caligrl54 (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS HAIR!!!!!! Georgia weather and exercise is tough on natural hair. Thanks to MNHE, I can enjoy beautiful wavy hair no matter what season. I have tried many hair brands, but nothing bets you guys. When I first had it installed the shedding for me was very minimal. The hair blends perfectly!!!! MNHE has a customer for life!

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