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The Best Drawstring Ponytails for Natural Hair

NATURAL TEXTURED DRAWSTRING PONYTAILS! Sis, the game has changed. Our drawstring ponytails are 100% virgin human remy hair with no synthetic fibers or fillers.

Each texture collection allows you to achieve instant glam in under 5 minutes. We offer our Natural Ponytails in 7 exclusive textures with varying lengths and thickness in order to find the perfect blend with your hair. Say goodbye to bad hair days hello to the best natural product you have ever owned. Let us help you change the way you get dressed in the morning! 
instant glam!
undetectable blend!
hassle free hair!
get up and go!
“I hate good hair days,” SAID NO ONE EVER! 

Natural Textured Drawstring ponytails for 3A 3B 3C 4A 4B and 4C natural textures. Each ponytail is available in short, medium and long lengths Curly resembles 3A, Kinky Curly resembles 3B/3C, Coily resembles 4A, Afro Kinky resembles 4b/4c hair textures. The Kinky straight, Coarse Yaki, and Perm Yaki are other textures we offer as well. The Kinky Straight pony has a blowout look. The Course Yaki ponytail blends well with those who have looser curl patters or those ladies who are transitioning from relaxed perm to natural. Our Perm Yaki Pony is great for those who have relaxed hair. . Our ponytails are also great for protective styling. They help to keep the ends of your hair tucked away and moisturized! Installation: How to apply a drawstring ponytail? Step 1: slick your hair into a low, medium, or high bun. Be careful to make sure the bun is not too tight. Step 2: loosen the drawstring and apply the top comb right above your bun and the bottom comb right below your bun. Gently tug on the drawstring to tighten and secure the ponytail onto the bun. Step 3: wrap the string around the base of the ponytail and then wrap a few strands of hair around the base to create a natural appearance and conceal the string. Step 4. Slick down your edges and your all done! Click on the texture of your choice for more specific information or for a demonstration and tutorial on how to apply our human hair ponytails.
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