8 Cute & Easy Natural Hairstyles For Black Women In 2018

When making this post, we took the time to interview 10 stylist that focus primarily on the best natural hair styles. We took all the info gathered to make this extraordinary round up post!

To Go Straight Or Remain Natural?

Or to experiment week after week, year after year, with yet another daring new style.

Over the past century natural styles have been transformed from the popular Sasson of the 1940’s, the French twist of the 1950s and, finally, the 1960s’ Afro explosion.

In 2018, people are once again rediscovering the waves and texture of coarse yaki and the lovely looking our perm yaki hair. While it’s important to keep your locks in peak condition to look its best. But with this guide to the best natural hairstyles I can provide clarity to the eternal question. Bangs or no bangs?

Art Deco Waves

Take this trendy jazz age-inspired look and modernize it with luscious, voluminous curls. Maintain this Hollywood style by having ends cut bluntly. Fan out curls for definition and a touch of creative flair. Go on you know you want to.


The great thing about twists is they produce maximum length with minimum hair. To protect the style, every strand of hair must be twisted. That’s the rules and rules do not exist to be played fast and loose with. 

Straight braids

Crotchet braids are in for 2018. For best results use a pre-looped crotchet braid. This gives your braids straightness and bestows a sexy relaxed look upon your long flowing locks. This look works well with all hair types, if you don’t believe me just ask my hairdresser!


Ah the old wash-n-go, this takes me back. You can literally apply the products straight after a good shampooing, then you give it a good old scrunch, take a selfie and you’re good to go. That’s why I am in love with this style.

Silk Press

My favorite thing about this cut is its extreme versatility and its extreme shine. When done correctly looking at this style can be like staring into the sun. This style works well with all hair textures, but it is important to use the correct shampoo and oils before styling.

Volume and curls

Wear this cut with lots of volume at the top and curls at the bottom. Or wear it as a pixie cut. You can achieve this look by leaving the weaving alone for a while. Volume can be added by using a hairdryer or a bike pump.

Curly mow-hawk

Short natural hairstyles like these are beautiful. They are ideal for curly haired women who struggle to maintain consistent hairstyles from day to day. The curly Mohawk eliminates a lot of the problems facing curly haired women as there are no issues regarding face framing when you only have a short streak of hair across the top of your cranium.

Up-do with bangs

In Celtic parts of Europe this is know as a council estate facelift as it tightens the skin, thus making wrinkles temporarily disappear. But beware, when the wrinkles return, and they always return, they will return with vigour and wrath. Learn more about the best protective hairstyles for afro hair in this wonderful post covering lovely black women.


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