Cute And Easy Styles For Natural Hair

Black Natural Hairstyles

Black natural hairstyles are becoming more versatile and creative as bloggers and natural hair influencers try their hand at styling. We’ve scoured the net for some of the best looks you’ll want to rock. These top natural hairstyles for 2019 are not only easy to do, perfect for work and play, but don’t require tons of expensive extensions to pull off. All you need is affordable natural hair extensions to make the most of your look.

Top 5 Black Natural Hairstyles for 2020


1.Wavy/Curly Let Out

Next year volume will be all the rave. With the help of using a diffuser on your dryer and installing natural hair extensions will help you pull off a look that will turn heads. The key to this 2019 top natural hairstyle is making sure your natural hair is moisturized. The most common styling practice most naturals use is the LOC method. This locks in moisture and holds up your curls. Adding natural hair extensions are the next step. When shopping for natural hair extensions, it’s best to know what your curl pattern is. 


2.Chunky Twists with Triangle Parts

We can’t get enough of these chunky twists. This protective style is suitable for all hair textures. We recommend those with thinner hair part their hair in larger twists to minimize snapping and the weight of the hair extensions. Our yaki natural hair extensions are perfect for braiding. Chunky twists paired with triangle parts is easy to maintain look you can wear during the early months of next year.

3.Cornrows with Let Out with Afro Tex

This cute style is one that can be worn by all ages. The key to this look is braiding your hair back about halfway. You’ll want to feed in natural extensions into your braids so that you can have a voluminous let out. We suggest using  3B clip-in extensions for this style. If you want to hold this look a little longer use a gel or thick oil while braiding to minimize frizz and flyaways.

4.Up-dos with Bangs

We love how versatile this look is. Perfect for a day in the office or a night out with the girls. There are two popular ways to use natural hair extensions when doing a curly up-do. The first is to use the natural hair extensions to make your up-do let out have more body. Using more of your natural hair for the bangs. The second method is to use the natural hair extensions as the bangs and clipping to your ponytail. Depending on your hair texture you may find one method works better than the other.

5.Silk Press

This is the one style that gives you a break from the curls. We recommend doing a silk press a few times a year to lessen the amount of heat applied to your hair over time. A silk press usually involves blowing out your natural hair and styling with a flat iron to make hair silky straight and smooth. If you’d like to add additional length to your hair we suggest using our perm yaki hair.

These five styles are sure to top social media as the top natural hairstyles of 2019. With waves and body trending, it’s time to let your hair show. Holidays and parties await, what style are you going to rock?

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