Okay ladiezzzzzzz, let’s talk hairstyles!! Being natural you want to switch it up every once in a while, those twist outs and braid outs can’t dress….so here I’ve listed my top 5 hairstyles that I (currently) rock and own! Okay. (Shoot I’m my own cheerleader) .. ??? ENJOY

Mohawks I do adore…

I want to start off with my #1 go-to hairstyle, the Mohawk. This style is so easy to do and fun and the best part you can change it to your liking. I have tried my Mohawk with Bantu knots and with braids and both ways are favorite. Here’s an example, of my braided Mohawk. Super cute and edgy, right?!

Braided Mohawk @ms.kinkyrootz

Here is the same mohawk but with Bantu knots on the side instead of braids. I have even created mohawks with just bobby pins and either way its super cute…??? When it comes to how I define my hair for the middle I switch up between either a twist or braid out, both give me amazing results.

Bantu Mohawk @ms.kinkyrootz

When in doubt puff it out…

Now ladies we all know as a natural we have that go to style if you have a fail, you know the easiest hairstyle that almost anyone can achieve…that’s right my #2 favorite hairstyle the PUFF!!

I do not own any rights to this picture ( Google image)

Two-Strand Twist Mania.

Next up, it isn’t really a hairstyle per day but, I love a good twist out!! I love seeing my curls spiral with a definition. Either two strands or three…who else can agree? Coming in at #3 is the 2 strand twist.

Two strand twist @ms.kinkyrootz

Top KnotCH bun….

On those lazy days when you don’t want to style your hair and you want to just get up and go and Protect your ends while doing so… #4 the Top Knot Bun.

I do not own rights to this picture (google image)


Finally in at #5 only because it kills my back when I attempt mini twist but it’s such a cute style that you can dress up or down.. Add accessories etc… I’ve tried this hairstyle on many occasions and they last anywhere for 2-3 weeks..if you use your satin bonnet ladies….

mini twists
I do not own this picture (Google image)

It was really fun sharing a few of my favorite styles… You guys can add me on IG @ms.kinkyrootz ..and I hope everyone enjoyed today’s blog. Stay tuned for more.

Signing off:: Krootz


working mommy of 4 who loves to share my experiences with everything and anything NATURAL...kinks, curls, fro, whatever i love it all.

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