How Does the LOC method work?



For any African American woman (and for some men) the LOC method is a great go-to for getting that all essential moisture into your hair. Because black hair is naturally so coarse and thick, the cuticles can split at even the smallest hint of dryness. The Liquid Oil Cream (or LOC) method is a great way to ensure that you keep that natural soft and supple bounce without drying out your curls.

The LOC method first uses lotion or some other liquid moisturizer that is applied to the hair. Once the liquid has been worked through each strand, an oil is introduced as a method to seal the moisture into the hair. Finally, a cream based product is applied to the hair to close up the cuticle and prevent the hard-earned moisture from escaping.

The LOC method is a tried and tested formula for getting water to stay in your hair.

Do you use the LOC method every day?

You can if you so choose! The only problem with doing so is the amount of product build-up that will occur if you use a lot of oil, cream or leave in conditioner for too many washes in a row. Once in a while, you still have to give it a natural wash with a product cleansing shampoo such as Paul Mitchell’s clarifying shampoo for best results.

How Do You Style Your Hair Afterwards?

After you have used the LOC method and the hair has been dried – either naturally or otherwise – you can continue to style your hair as usual. It will be beautifully silky if you choose to straighten it and it will be courageously curly should you not. Of course, now that it is a little softer than usual you might find it difficult to work some of your typical styles in – but on the upside, you will have touchable locks that look silky smooth!

The first product is a liquid, and this can be a leave-in conditioner or other moisture retaining based product. Next, you apply an oil – Argan Oil is particularly popular at the moment as it nourishes as well as seals and provides you with super-soft shine. Other, more common oils are frequently used, so don’t panic if you can’t afford the best of the best. Lastly, you apply the cream; a smoothing cream or any hair care product that will perpetuate the hair, sealing in the goodness and making you even more beautiful by the second!

Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk, Jojoba or castor oil and MyHoneyChild Honey Hair Cream are all favorite products for the LOC method.

So if you are sitting on a full head of natural hair that needs a little TLC; the TOC method might be just what you have been looking for to inject some life back into those locks. Make them luscious again with a little nourishment… and see how much good hair day’s you have been missing out on! Thx For Supporting My Natural Hair Extensions Blog


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