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how to take care of yaki hair

If you are about to take the leap into the world of wigs then it can be totally overwhelming to be presented with all the different options, remy, yaki, silky there are so many options and if you are looking online it can be hard to really tell what the difference is! Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about yaki hair.

The term yaki refers to the texture of the hair. It means that is has the feel of chemically relaxed afro Caribbean hair. Yaki is the hair piece of choice for those who prefer a more natural Afro or Afro-Caribbean look. They tend to be coarse and have a gentle wave to them. For most Yaki wigs the texture is obtained by treating the hair to give it a micro kink. This means that you are very unlikely to find virgin yaki hair.

The Difference Between Remy & Yaki Hair ?

Remy refers to the quality of the hair that is used in the wig. These are the highest quality wigs you can find. They have intact cuticles. The hair has all come from a single donor and the strands are arranged so they flow in a single direction. If you purchase a remy wig then you are getting as close to natural as is possible.

So yaki is about texture and remy is about the quality. This meant that if you are buying yaki hair, it can be either remy or non-remy.


How Do You Care For Yaki Hair?

No matter how high quality the hair in your wig is it is essentially done for as it is no longer receiving moisture and nutrients from the scalp. This means that you need to treat it with love and care if you want it to last as long as possible. There are a few key things to remember when it comes time to wash your wig.

  • Try and do as little as possible. This means that you should try to avoid using product in your hair as much as possible as this will reduce how often you will need to wash. Every time you wash your wig it will dry out a little more.


  • Only use conditioner to wash your yaki hair. Shampoo actually strips the protective layer off hair and leaves it prone to drying out and frizzing. Ideally you should just you a moisturizing conditioner. Apply generously and comb through with a large tooth comb before rinsing the wig out.


  • Avoid heat. The more heat you apply the frizzier the hair will get. If you need to use heart then use some heat protection spray first. Stick to air drying and low heat hair drying to style.

Does it Curly When Wet ?

Yaki hair reacts the same as chemically relaxed or checkout our – coarse yaki texture. Just getting it wet is not going to make it curl, it can cause it to become a little frizzy but it will not lead to natural looking curls by my natural hair extensions..



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