How to Keep Your Edges when Protective Styling

Protective Styles For Edges

Protective styling with extensions has been even getting more popular in 2019. However, not all the time we know how to take care of our when protective styling or better yet keeping our edges when we’re done with the protective style. So, I wanted to give you the breakdown on how to keep your edges intact when you’re protective styling. I have 5 tips here but if you know anymore below that I didn’t mention. Please feel free to let me know down below so you can help someone else out.

I know this can sound kind of off when creating bigger parts while the rest is small but honestly it wouldn’t be that much of a difference.

This is something I have tried and you really don’t notice it unless someone is staring at your hair for long periods of time. However, the biggest reason to create these big parts is so you can keep your edges.

If you are doing your hair make the parts of the perimeter of your hair slightly bigger. However, if you have a stylist doing your hair, have your stylist make bigger parts around the edges. You want to make sure that these parts are only slightly bigger than the others. What this does is give your edges more room to support the extension in that area.

Also, when having your extension in try to avoid overdoing it with the styles which can cause quite a bit of tension on your edges. I would recommend to let them simply hang down or have them very loose near your edges so it doesn’t put any strain on them.

2. Styles with Minimal work

This part is key to have your edges still there by the time you’re done with the style. Tip 2 also helps with retaining growth which is too leave it alone. So, styles that have minimal work where you won’t have the hands in your hair syndrome can work tremendously.

When creating styles with using your own hair such as mini twists, braids or updo styles like flat twist updos with minimal upkeep. It is said the best way to grow your edges is too also wear your own hair.

So using these styles mentioned above or adding some extra ones to your list can get your hair flourishing. At night make sure to sleep on a satin pillowcase or bonnet to minimize dryness.

3. Wigs or Clip Ins

I know you have been seeing the Instagram wigs where really you wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s one.

Wigs are really starting to look way more real than it did before. I mean think about not having to pay a countless amount of money to get sew ins, or not having those irritating migraines that Tylenol never seems to fix and no endless patting for that itch you can’t scratch. we offer clip-ins and wigs on these pages.

You can easily have your twists in and be able to put on a wig with no issues. If you can let go of the comb attachments and add the poppy pins to decrease the tension on the hairline that works even better.

4. Massage Hair Line

Lastly, what you want to do is make sure to massage your scalp. Of course, this can feel great alone but feel free to add what you would like.

Being able to add products or oils that are helpful with promoting growth as well. Using oils such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil or any balm you find that will help with hairline growth. If you do decide to use oil make sure it’s not something that’s potent such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus. You want to usually pair these oils with a carrier oil such as castor, jojoba or coconut oil.

Please make sure to do a patch test first to see if you react to the oil or mixture that you want to put in your hair. This is extremely important to do beforehand symptoms such as inflammation or itching on your scalp could mean that you’re having an allergic reaction.

5. Keep Protective Styles to a Minimum

Even though what made you get the hair is that it can stay in for 12 weeks doesn’t mean that it should.

If your hair seems to be causing more damage and tension then let it go. It is recommended from most hairstylist to have the style in for no longer than one month.

I know it was shocking to me too when I saw it.

You want to do this to get a proper cleanse done to your hair and to avoid any excessive dryness or tangling.

Protective styles are cute but definitely not worth losing your hair over. Also, keep in mind when wearing protective styles to not have them being worn back to back.

Cornrows cause the most tension on your hair so wearing them back to back is what’s going to lead to hair loss. When the styles are worn too often it will also cause inflammation even if it’s not tight on your head.

Is there anything I missed? Let me know below

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