How to Crochet Human Hair with Braids

crochet human hair for braiding

Crocheting braids with human hair provide effortless looks that keep your natural hair protected while looking as natural as possible. The term “crochet” comes from the method in which synthetic or human hair extensions are applied to the hair while using a latch hook. We’ll go over the basics in this post.

Using Braids and extensions

A good crochet hairstyle starts with careful prep. Wash and condition your hair, making sure to detangle properly. We have a list of some of our favorites. After washing and detangling, apply a leave-in conditioner, oil and styling cream using the – LOC method.

Once your hair is moisturized, don’t forget to pay attention to the scalp, you’re ready for a blowout. Use medium heat and a wide-toothed comb to blowout your hair. This will make it easier to braid down and keep your braids secure in order to make your crochet style look as natural as possible.

When separating your hair, you’ll want to create medium to medium-small cornrows that are as close as possible. Your braid pattern should depend on how you want to style your hair.  It’s suggested that if you have a side you prefer your part to be on to start/ your first braid from there. Apply oil to the hair to help prevent dry a dry itchy scalp and dry hair.  I suggest to leave your edges out, we’ll come back to this in a later section. Be sure to look into human braiding hair to add more length and volume.

braiding hair

 Human braiding hair, unlike synthetic, will not tangle as easily while handling. If not careful it can take some time to work through the real human hair. It’s essential to use a large surface, such as a dining table or counter, to lay the hair flat before use.

You’ll want to use crochet latch hook with the human hair. The great thing about most crochet hair is they come ready for application. Some crochet hair is loose strands and other come pre-looped for easier install. 

crochet braids with curly human hair


Now that your hair is braided and your human hair extensions are laid out you are ready to apply. You will need a crochet hook to apply for your human hair extensions. You can get this at any local craft store, and some beauty stores will sell this along with the crochet hair extensions.

You’ll want to start with one braid and work from the bottom to the top. With the pre-loop of blending: straight crochet hair in the crochet hook, you are going to push the crochet hook through while holding the extensions. Be sure to hold the extensions tight, and the silky human hair is hard to grip at times. Once the hook is through the braid, you will feed the human hair strands you’re holding in the crochet hook and pull the strands back through the braid through the pre-loop. You will complete these about ¼ to ½ inches away from the previous application as you move up adding one pre-loop at a time. The distance will depend on how full or thin your hair looks.

Finishing The Install

how to do crochet braids with straight human hair

Remember those edges you left out? Now it’s time to slick those precious babies down to complete your look. Use edge-control or strong-holding gel to slick down your edges. Using a toothbrush or edge brush you can smooth the hair in your desired direction. Apply low heat to dry even on textures and extensions.


Crochet braids are super easy to maintain. The braided foundation makes the scalp accessible to moisturize in-between wear. To spruce your look up each day, use a moisturizing mist or spray to keep the human hair soft. Once a week you can use a styling cream or conditioner. You can also wash your hair with a crochet style. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove build up on the scalp. It’s best practice to wash your hair in the same direction as the braids, and this will help keep them from getting frizzy or loosening up. Each night wear a silk or satin cap to keep the human hair from detangling. See the new kinky crochet hair – learn more.

After you’re done with your crochet style, you can remove the human hair, wash and reuse. The great thing about crochet braids with curly human hair you can use them multiple times.

Products & Textures

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