Installing Braided Hair with Clips

clips on braids

If your hair is too short, or too thin, have no fear. There are plenty of ways to add thickness, length, or temporary colors to your hair: Hair extensions. Human hair and synthetic hair extensions can both achieve anything you want  for your hair. However we recommend human hair simply because it’s much better quality. Clip in hair extensions are easy to use, and the clips can be easily hidden in the right style. Today, we’re going to talk about how to braid your clip in extensions.

Classic Braid

The classic, or traditional, braid is one of the easiest and most-well known braids there is. To get started, brush out or comb out your hair to remove any knots or tangles. (This is also the first step if you haven’t yet put in your extensions.) Pull your hair into a lose ponytail, and hold it there with a a hairtie. Divide your hair into three even sections. This is where you braid it together. Hold sections A and B of your hair. Pull section A over section B. Take section C and pull it over section A.  Continue this pattern, interweaving the hair as shown in this diagram.

Once finished, use a hair tie to tie off the end of the braid. Remove the original hair tie from the middle of your hair. This will allow your braid to fall loosely, while maintaining the braid shape.

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French Braid

    The French braid is a little more difficult than the classic braid, but it will look beautiful with your clip in extensions. Carefully brush your hair through before you begin. Be gentle so you don’t dislodge the clips. French braids can be done anywhere on your head. To get started, select the part you want to braid. Just like the classic braid, separate it into three sections. The difference between the classic and the French braid is that you must keep adding hair as you continue moving further down. You begin with A B and C strands, and after you cross A and B and then braid in C, you must grab a bit more hair and add it to the next strand you braid. That is where the layered look of the French braid comes from. (View diagram below.)

Fish Tail Braid

    The fish tail braid differs from the other two braids in that it involves splitting your hair into two parts, and then using those parts to braid. Before you begin, untangle your hair gently as with the other two braids. Separate your hair into two thick sections. We’ll call those A and B.  Now, take a thin section of hair from the outside of the A part, cross it towards the middle, and add it to the B part. Now, take a thin section from the outer B part, cross it towards the middle, and add it to the A part. And continue until you reach the end of your hair. (Diagram for clarification.)


Now Set It!

Whichever texture you choose, be careful not to tug your clip ins too hard. A firm, gentle hand is needed to complete these hair styles. When you’re done, set the hairstyles with hairspray (if you want) and get out and show the world what you’ve done!



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