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The Complete Natural Hair Guide For 2019

We cover everything natural hair and how to maintain and style your unprocessed African hair. We aim to provide our many readers with fast solutions to problems and styling. MNHE experts have a combined 25 years experience in styling black hair. So rest assured we will do our best to shed as much insight as possible into movement.

Everything Natural Hair:

Here at MNHE we understand the difficulties that many women face when not understanding how to care and manage your actual hair textures. So we've complied the best resources and information to help you prosper! Our team of natural hair experts are ready to see your improvement, be sure to submit pictures and videos of your growth and how you've learn to style it. We love to stay up to date with ladies and amazing progress! FAQ:

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08 Jan: How To Do A Sew In on Cornrows

Everyone has their secret faves to watch on YouTube. Some people like pimple popping, others like ear wax extraction. My favorite videos are old braid take down videos. I don’t mean box braids, I mean old cornrows. The more months…