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The Complete Natural Hair Guide For 2019

We cover everything natural hair and how to maintain and style your unprocessed African hair. We aim to provide our many readers with fast solutions to problems and styling.MNHE experts have a combined 25 years experience in styling black hair. So rest assured we will do our best to shed as much insight as possible into movement.

Everything Natural Hair:

Here at MNHE we understand the difficulties that many women face when not understanding how to care and manage your actual hair textures. So we've complied the best resources and information to help you prosper!Our team of natural hair experts are ready to see your improvement, be sure to submit pictures and videos of your growth and how you've learn to style it.We love to stay up to date with ladies and amazing progress! FAQ:

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natural hair awards

Natural Hair Awards!

Happy New Years Eve!!! To cap off the end of the year, I thought it only fitting to go back and give natural hair awards to some of the most outstanding natural hair moments in 2018. In this article, I…

natural hair night routine

5 Natural Hair Night Routines

There have been frequent talks about conditioning, shampooing, or styling the hair. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard as much conversations about taking care of the hair at night. I know that when it comes to creating a night time routine, I…

Tender Headed Scalp with Natural Hair

Tips For The Tender Headed Naturals

Hello, my name is Gabrielle and I am surviving tender headed natural. Being tender headed seems to be only applied to children.  The dread I got during wash day as I saw my mother preparing her torture tools for ripping…


Itchy scalp? Here’s why!

Everyone goes on and on about the importance of loving, protecting and sealing your ends but what about your scalp? New fresh hair literally grows from the scalp and if not taken care of it can slow your hair growth….

How To Stretch Natural Hair

6 Ways To Stretch Natural Hair

I love rocking my fro with no problem but sometimes I’m ready to put the fro up and switch up my look. However, I don’t want to end up with any type of damage. Especially heat damage that doesn’t go…


Hair Growth Diet?

I don’t know if you have noticed but hair supplements have been taken Instagram by storm. The main one I have seen is sugar bear vitamins. They have been promoted by tons of people who already have long hair or…

How To Trim Natural Hair

Best Methods To Cut Your Hair??

I use to HATE scissors and someone coming remotely close to my hair with them was an absolute NO GO! At the beginning of my natural process, I was obsessed with having long hair like you probably once were or…

Hair Porosity

Hair Porosity Characteristics

Hair Porosity has been the talk of the town ever since it hit the natural hair community in 2009. It has revealed even more about how each natural is unique. Before porosity knowledge, all we had was 4b/3a/4c to go…

big chop Natural Hair Journey

My Big Chop Natural Hair Journey

Hey! Do you remember when you first began your natural hair journey? If you’re just beginning, do you hear terms like TWA, LOC Method, LCO Method, 4A Hair, 3A hair, Transition hair…should I stop there? Do you wonder what it…

natural hair winter

12 Winter Styles For Natural Hair

Grab your fuzzy socks and warm sweaters because winter is approaching fast! Tis the season to be jolly, but could your hair possibly be a mood killer this winter? Whether it’s dry ends or unexpected breakage, our strands sure do…

my natural hair extensions nappily ever after review

Nappily Ever After

By: Michelle Andrea It is starting to become an exciting experience for me when I know Netflix is releasing a black original series or movie. Mainly, because I’m rooting for everyone that’s black!  But I really do love relating to;…

traveling with natural hair. Natural hair African head scarf African head wrap

Traveling With Natural Hair

Vacation: What am I going to do with my hair? IG @naturalneiicy If you are natural, then you know how much time and effort goes into prepping your hair the night before an eventful day. But what do you do…

moisturize natural hair

How To Naturally Seal And Dry Your Hair

It can sometimes feel like the battle for moisturizing natural hair. However, we are here to help you get through these challenges today! The Essentials to Moisturizing Natural Hair The best way to really keep your hair moisturized is to get…

Best Leave In Conditioners for Natural Hair

How To Make Your Own Leave In Conditioners

If you find it difficult to find natural hairstyles, you know the struggle. Keeping your hair adequately moisturized can sometimes seem impossible.  To make it worse, the conditioners you see at the store are either laced with harsh chemicals, or…

Black Natural Hairstyles

Top 5 Black Natural Hairstyles for 2020

Black natural hairstyles are becoming more versatile and creative as bloggers, and natural hair influencers try their hand at different and unique styles. We’ve scoured the net for some of the best looks you’ll want to rock. These top natural…

How To Grow Back Edges Fast

How To Grow Back Edges Fast

Why is it that your edges or in my case, my edges, seem like they are the first to go? Especially after I had my children, it seemed impossible at times to grow them back. It seems like once I…