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Styling And Caring for Afro Textured Hair

Keeping your hair looking fresh and vibrant can sometimes be more hassle than it should be. The following article is a look at some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to maintaining and nurturing healthy hair – specifically afro textured hair. 

How do you make a curly afro with short hair?

You do not need to have long hair to get a decent puff. Spray a bit of water on the top of your head and then rub your hair oil into your skin. Take a large head tie and bunch your hair to the desired length. Once you have the right length, comb your afro out to your preference.  

How do you wash afro hair?

When cleaning your hair, you must remember that it is your skin that needs cleansing as well. Your scalp needs to be healthy for strong and vibrant hair. Washing an afro will begin with a pre-poo. Rub in some coconut oil and leave for half an hour. Massage your shampoo into your scalp and follow with a conditioner. Detangle with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Wrap up with a towel, do not blow dry. 

How to straighten afro hair naturally? 

Bunning – Wearing your hair in a bin will eventually stretch it out. 

Wrapping – Advised only for 3c – 4A hair types. Might need up to 48 hours to dry. 

Bantu knotting – Stretch and or create tight curls with these neat knots. 

Braiding and Twisting – Great way to protect your hair. 

Banding – Stretch out your hair using oils and hair bands. 

Examples of  afro hair weave, these products are ideal for type 4 hair.

How to straighten afro hair permanently?

The most permanent of methods is also the most dangerous for your hair. Chemically treating your hair (or “relaxing” it) will remove the curl, but will also possibly leave it dry and brittle. A better option would be the Brazilian Blowout or the Keratin treatment. This will significantly straighten your afro but will not cause as much damage. 

How to get a curly afro with natural hair?

The best way to get any sort of result out of your hair is to make sure that you have correctly cleaned it. A good shampoo and conditioner are advised as your hair will need volume! Dry your hair out and for better results, twist into large separate braids. The length of your hair will determine the length of the drying time. From there it is a matter of time and effort. Pick and pull your fro until you reach the desired length.  Here is a great example of afro kinky wigs that match this exact texture.

How do I turn my hair into an afro?

You will need at least 4 inches of hair to work with, anything shorter than that will make things quite difficult. If you do have enough hair, then your next step is to wash it. It is easier to braid or shape your hair when it is clean.  Gently comb your hair out and detangle it. Remember: it is better to dry without heat. If your hair needs a little help staying in place, then apply a small amount of oil or hairspray. 

How to make afro hair curly without chemicals?

There are a number of ways to turn your afro into curls; most of them just require some time and dedication on your part. Finger coils will work great if you want to keep it simple. All you need is some hydration cream and your own two hands. Perm rod sets are also an excellent method of creating last curls from your afro. 

Which products are best for afro hair? 

best natural hair products

There are many, many different types of kinky curly products out there and you need to figure out which products work best with your hair. Having said that, you will need to choose products that clean, nourish and hydrate your hair. Oil products are best for keeping your scalp healthy, these are simply massaged into the head; Coconut milk is an excellent option. Shampoos and conditioners will give your hair volume and will clean it whereas your hair masks can be left in for extra hydration. Make sure to do your research on your products and see how others have found it. 

What can I do with a short hair afro?

afro hair texture

Often a small afro is described as a TWA (Teeny weeny afro) but that does not mean that the possibilities are limited. Braids, curls, finger waves, bobs and even pixie cuts are all options if you have a shorter hair afro. Just because your hair is shorter it does not mean you have to stick to one hairstyle. 

How do you make an afro curly with type 4c hair?

afro textured hair

Type 4 hair is typically in need of a lot of moisture. The best method of keeping your 4c hair healthy is by using a combination of conditioners, creams and oils. Follow the question link for an excellent explanation from The Glamorous Gleam. After washing and drying your afro, use your fingers to manipulate the curls you want. It just takes a little time. 

How do you make afro hair grow faster?

how to grow afro textured hair

The first step is identifying which type of hair you have. This will determine the best possible type of products, remembering that everyone has different hair and you need to find what works best for you. Typically, healthy hair is growing hair so in order to make your hair grow faster, you need to keep it clean and moisturized. Try to let it dry by itself and trim unwanted breakage or splits. There are also a wide-variety of vitamins and minerals that could help your hair grow faster. 

How to grow an afro with straight hair?

protective hairstyles on 4c hair

You need to figure out which kind of afro you want. For tighter coils, a perm might be a better option but for a more flowing afro hair extensions, finger curl method may work best. You need to find the method that suits your hair. 

There are certain obvious rules that should be followed when caring for an afro. Wash and hydrate your hair regularly. Choose your products carefully and ensure to use them. Keep it under control – Trimming, hairspray and conditioners. If you follow these steps, you will have your afro flying in no time! 

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