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How to take down old cornrows with minimum damage

Everyone has their secret faves to watch on YouTube. Some people like pimple popping, others like ear wax extraction. My

How to Become A Lazy Natural

I would hate to use the word lazy if you feel like your not so, let’s refer to this as

What Type of Curly Hair Do I Have?

The main two curly hair types for women of color have a lot of similarities, differences, and common factors. For

Is unfollowing the #hairgoals trend necessary or an overreaction?

This is one of the controversial topics that I recently saw debated on social media this year. When it comes

Moisturizing your hair is actually harmful!?

If you look back on any post I’ve made, you will see that I say that moisturizing your hair is

Natural Hair Awards!

Happy New Years Eve!!! To cap off the end of the year, I thought it only fitting to go back

5 Natural Hair Bedtime Routines

There has been frequent talks about conditioning, shampooing or styling the hair. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard as much conversations about

Why These Twist Out Lessons Will Help You become a Twist Out Guru

Ever since I had my babies, I feel like I have had this back and forth battle with my hair.

3 Awkward Secrets Women Use for Hair Growth

We already have done things to our natural hair like chemicals, or extreme heat to have longer hair with less

A Beginners Guide to Taking Care of Your Nape Area

Contents0.1 Lately women focus so much on their edges but neglect the nape area. What about the back of the





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