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Product Junkie pt.4 Moisturizers (Creams)

I can’t believe that I am almost done with my Product Junkie series! I have pretty much covered the basics

The Top Do’s and Dont’s when Protective Styling

I am a huge fan of protective styling, not only does it protect your hair and let your hair flourish

How to Save Time by Cheating a Perm Rod Set?

One of my favorite go to styles when I want something cute and different is a perm rod set. However

Best Water Temperature For Your 4A, 4B & 4C Hair?

I know you might like to have your showers hot when on your body but, it isn’t what’s always best

What Products Are Good and Not So Good for your Scalp?

The natural hair industry is getting huge. I mean in it now seems like each week there is a new

Protective StylingđŸ„€

Contents1 What is protective styling?2 What Styles are considered protective styles?3 Benefits of Protective Styling3.0.1 How Long YOU should Keep


Entertainment purposes only…all of these ladies are equally AMAZING AND POWERUL. The amazing thing about being natural is that SO

Thinking about going blonde? Here are some tips!

So, I have heard the age old of jokes about the way women of darker hues look with blond hair


First, let’s start with both the lco and loc method are ways to retain moisture in your natural hair. By

The Growth Stages of Natural Hair

When it comes to natural hair stages, the one thing that is mostly sought after is length honey and a




Our goal with making natural hair blogs is to provide women of color with the best resources and skills to have the best hair for 2019.



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