Would you spend $400 on a blow dryer?

There are tons of natural hair products, vitamins and equipment being sold to us. In such an upgrade/buy more society sometimes it’s hard to decipher whether a big buy is a splurge or an investment. I found two blow dryers for 399.99 dollars. That’s right, after tax these dryers are OVER FOUR HUNNIT DOLLAZZZ! Revair […]

Hair Growth Diet?

I don’t know if you have noticed but hair supplements have been taken Instagram by storm. The main one I have seen is sugar bear vitamins. They have been promoted by tons of people who already have long hair or wear hair extensions so we cant see a difference. These post with popular people with […]

New hair care tool alert-Con Air Infinity Pro!!

OMG guys, I stumbled upon the most amazing new hair care tool! It’s guaranteed to be a game changer in the natural hair community! In a previous blog, I wrote about the importance of consolidating and speeding up your hair routine. This new tool will definitely help you to do that by combining a brush […]

Should You Go Natural: Part 1

Natural hair is undeniably in trend now. Women from all walks of life are deciding to go back to basics by embracing their hair in its utmost natural state (kinks and all). However, should everyone go natural? Well, on this article, I’ll be delving in on the cons of being a natural. After this, you […]

Shampoo vs Co-Wash?? Both are friends of mine..

Why you should shampoo regularly? First, I want to compare shampooing your hair to washing your body. There is no way that you can get away with just wetting your body and not adding any type of soap to cleanse without you getting BUILDUP on your body..a whole lot of dirt and grit that’s right!! […]


The Beginning… How did I become natural? Did I big chop? Did I transition? These are only some of the questions that I have been asked over my course of being natural. Let me dissect each question to the best of my abilities starting with WHERE DID IT ALL BEGIN? So, for as long as i […]

Top 3 Natural Hair Brushes that You Should Have Now

When I first started my natural hair journey it was learning everything from a fresh pair of eyes. So, of course I did what any naturalists did look up things on google, youtube and Pinterest. it was this big thing on finger detangling which is absolutely great and can still work in some occasions. Trust, […]

10 Gorgeous Natural Hair Brown to Dark Skin Celebs in 2019

I’m loving that more and more of us are starting to really love our natural hair from TWA’s to long kinky tresses. But sometimes you’re in need of some Natural Hair Inspiration to try a new style or even to feel comfortable with the style you’re about to start rocking. What’s even more fascinating at […]

5 Simple Natural Hairstyles

Hey there. Do you have natural hair? Do you occasionally struggle to come up with simple natural hairstyles that you can rock on a daily basis? If this is you, then worry no more because this blog definitely has the hook up. I will be showing you 5 simple hairstyles that can be achieved on any […]

afro kinky curly natural hair clip in extensions. best weave for 4a 4b and 4c natural hair.

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