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Best Beard Care Products for Black Men

We decided to do something different and show love to black men beard care. We will cover all the latest

How to Grow Long Natural Hair Part 2

“Natural hair doesn’t grow” this is what people say but is it true? All hair grows but some hair grows

Pros and Cons of Mini Twist

What is up my sistaz and brothaz, welcome back for another one. If you are new welcome I go by

How To Grow Long Natural Hair

Does type 4 hair grow? This is a question that I think most women with type 4 hair have asked

How to Keep Your Edges when Protective Styling

Protective styling with extensions has been even getting more popular in 2019. However, not all the time we know how

Unjust Justice: Cyntoia Brown

Contents1 What Happened to Cyntoia Brown?1.1 How Society Plays a role1.1.1 Bias in the Justice System1.1.2 In the Beginning1.1.3 “7”

A product to help reduce shedding!

I’m usually on the search for a D.I.Y inexpensive product that can help with my hair becoming healthy. I believe

How To Do Curlformers and Waveformers

This can be one pain in the butt style to sleep in but your hair will look amazing. If you’re

5 Tips to Reduce Breakage from Natural Hair

Don’t you hate it when you brush your hair and begin to see little short hairs around your sink? Better

Appreciating the African American Orange Is The New Black Leading Ladies

When the first season of Orange Is the New Black came out, I had mixed feelings about it prior to




Our goal with making natural hair blogs is to provide women of color with the best resources and skills to have the best hair for 2019.



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