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Contents1 What is rice water?2 How To Make Rice Water?2.0.1 Fermented Rice Water..beware of STINK2.0.1.1 Speaking of Benefits… What is rice water? Rice water, of

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introducing me a natural hair and blogger story


Contents1 Hola y bienvenido!1.1 Welcoming change1.1.1 Adulting1.1.2 Finding good ground Hola y bienvenido! It’s pretty gnarly that I get to share some knowledge (and information

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big chop hair

My Journey

The Beginning of My Big Chop Hair… How did I become natural Did I big chop? Did I transition? These are only some of the

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my natural hair extensions nappily ever after review

Nappily Ever After

By: Michelle Andrea It is starting to become an exciting experience for me when I know Netflix is releasing a black original series or movie.

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traveling with natural hair. Natural hair African head scarf African head wrap

Traveling With Natural Hair

Contents1 Vacation: What am I going to do with my hair?1.0.1 What’s the weather like?1.0.2 Prep Procedure1.0.3 Picking a hairstyle: Protective styling1.0.4 Bring your must-haves:1.0.5

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