Drawstring Weave Ponytail: Tracks, Bangs, Braids 2020

How To Make A Drawstring Ponytail Look Natural

The origin of extensions dates back to the empress Cleopatra from Egypt. The first documented proof of weave and hair extensions claims to be in 3400 BC. Women wore wigs, natural hair sew-ins, and braids, all with the use of other human hair, creating enchanting and goddess-like exterior. Today these African practices have been honored, […]

How to Blend Natural Hair Clip-Ins with Kinky Curly Hair

How to Blend Natural Hair Clip-Ins with Kinky Curly Hair

Clip-ins have style flexibility that has become a hype in modern society. You will be amazed to know that hair extensions date as far back to medieval ages where the Egyptians wore them. Those extensions were either made from human hair or sheep’s wool dyed with beeswax and resin. All the wigs and extensions of […]

how to grow natural hair

How To Grow Natural Hair In 2020

In this post, we will cover many options for ladies wondering how to grow natural hair in a healthy manner. It’s our goal here at MNHE to provide our readers with the best insight available. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. We are always interested in helping young ladies […]

Cyntoia Brown case

Unjust Justice: Cyntoia Brown

Contents1 What Happened to Cyntoia Brown?1.1 How Society Plays a role1.1.1 Bias in the Justice System1.1.2 In the Beginning1.1.3 “7” is the number for completeness; wholeness1.1.4 The Fight Continued: Recent timeline1.1.5 Clemency in the Present What Happened to Cyntoia Brown? Cyntoia Brown, was 16 at the time of the 2004 murder of a Caucasian 43-year-old […]

Product Junkie pt.4 Moisturizers (Creams)

I can’t believe that I am almost done with my Product Junkie series! I have pretty much covered the basics from shampoos to conditioners and now the best part.. The CREAMS/MOISTURIZERS. Contents1 Mielle Organics::Curl Smoothie1.1 Mielle Organics:: twisting souffle’1.1.1 Cantu Coconut Curling Cream1.2 Camille Rose Naturals: Almond Jai Twisting Butter Mielle Organics::Curl Smoothie First up, […]

How To Do Curlformers and Waveformers

This can be one pain in the butt style to sleep in, but your hair will look fantastic. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about it’s the Curl formers and Wave formers. What this style will do is stretch your hair for one, and I talk about ways you can stretch your hair here. Curl […]

Appreciating the African American Orange Is The New Black Leading Ladies

When the first season of Orange Is the New Black came out, I had mixed feelings about it prior to having watched it. I wondered whether I would find a series focusing on female prisoners interesting enough. After watching the first episode, however, I took back my words because girl, I was impressed! What made […]

ombre natural hair

Thinking about going blonde? Here are some tips!

So, I have heard the age-old of jokes about the way women of darker hues look with blond hair and I’m not here for it. Recently, someone decided to take it upon themselves to again ridicule women for the choices they make with their hair! That someone is Peter Thomas, Nene Leakes’. he said in […]


Okay ladiezzzzzzz, let’s talk hairstyles!! Being natural you want to switch it up every once in a while, those twist outs and braid outs can’t dress….so here I’ve listed my top 5 hairstyles that I (currently) rock and own! Okay. (Shoot I’m my own cheerleader) .. ENJOY Contents1 Mohawks I do adore…2 When in doubt […]

natural hair relaxer

Why Are So Many Naturals Going Back To Relaxed Hair?

I have been watching YouTube videos, as always, and I noticed an influx of naturals relaxing their hair. Before we even start this blog post I want to say that what you choose to do with your hair is your choice! This blog post is specifically for the reasons why most of these women went […]

aloe vera juice for hair

6 D.I.Y Products Using Aloe Vera Juice For Your Hair

I have been on this aloe vera juice kick and I’m not stopping anytime soon. I have always heard about aloe vera juice for the hair from some of the top natural hair YouTubers like naptural85 but I never really tried it myself until now. Aloe vera is known to be a great anti-inflammatory and […]


Contents1 What is rice water?2 How To Make Rice Water?2.0.1 Fermented Rice Water..beware of STINK2.0.1.1 Speaking of Benefits… What is rice water? Rice water, of course, is the starchy water left over after rice is cooked or left to soak. It is thought to make the hair smooth and shiny, as well as help it […]

4 months transitioning to natural hair

Top 3 Does And Dont’s While Transitioning

I remember when first transitioning it was an exciting experience. However, when my hair began to grow out it was a completely different story I had to begin to learn how to deal with two different textures. The two textures seemed so different that it took being humble and patient to be able to work […]

Product Junkie ? pt 3 Leave Ins and Oils

Welcome back everyone..so I am about to get into Part 3 of my amazing 5 part series of PRODUCT JUNKIE. I will be talking about some of my favorite leave-ins and oils, which are really important factors when moisturizing your hair. Contents1 Why do you need a leave-in2 It’s because of you…Cantu…3 Cantu Leave-In Conditioning […]

How to take down old cornrows with minimum damage

Everyone has their secret faves to watch on YouTube. Some people like pimple popping, others like ear wax extraction. My favorite videos are old braid take down videos. I don’t mean box braids, I mean old cornrows. The more months they have been in the better! I know I know, these are some of the […]

Is unfollowing the #hairgoals trend necessary or an overreaction?

This is one of the controversial topics that I recently saw debated on social media this year. When it comes to topics like this, I like to take time to express both points of view and then offer my own opinion. I do this?so that a healthy dialogue can form in the natural hair community […]

Moisturizing your hair is actually harmful!?

If you look back on any post I’ve made, you will see that I say that moisturizing your hair is a must do step. Keeping your hair moisturized is said to help prevent breakage and allow your hair to be in it’s best state, right? Well according to UnivHair Soleil, that isn’t the case. In […]

hair growth secrets

3 Awkward Secrets Women Use for Hair Growth

We already have done things to our natural hair like chemicals, or extreme heat to have longer hair with less frizz. We actually have tons of products in the store and online that cater to our hair. But, using all natural products has been a huge hit this year. Women are coming up with out […]

stuff to make the nape area grow

A Beginners Guide to Taking Care of Your Nape Area

Lately, women focus so much on their edges but neglect the nape area. What about the back of the hair What my mom used to call “the kitchen.” You can have breakage in the nape area from previous chemical damage, tight styles, or stress. Sometimes the hair stops growing there. Contents1 7 Tips To gROW […]

Product Junkie pt 2 Deep Conditioners?

Contents1 Deep condish…what’s the scoop..1.1 Aussie 3 minute miracle Moist deep conditioner1.1.1 2. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque1.1.2 3. Eden Bodyworks jojoba monoi natural deep conditioner Deep condish…what’s the scoop.. Welcome….to part 2 of my 5 part series pertaining to products!!! If you haven’t already go ahead and check out my part […]

introducing me a natural hair and blogger story


Contents1 Hola y bienvenido!1.1 Welcoming change1.1.1 Adulting1.1.2 Finding good ground Hola y bienvenido! It’s pretty gnarly that I get to share some knowledge (and information about myself) with you. I shall tell no lies; since accepting this blogging position, I’ve had writers block, with some co-occurring anxiety and definitely stress (life). Worry not! I wont […]

Tender Headed Scalp with Natural Hair

Tips For The Tender Headed Naturals

sHello, my name is Gabrielle and I am surviving tender-headed natural. Being tender-headed seems to be only applied to children. The dread I got during wash day as I saw my mother preparing her torture tools for ripping out detangling my hair is a staple memory. I was under the assumption that somehow we were supposed […]

Itchy scalp? Here’s why!

Everyone goes on and on about the importance of loving, protecting and sealing your ends but what about your scalp? New fresh hair literally grows from the scalp and if not taken care of it can slow your hair growth. One huge sign that your scalp may be having issues is itchiness. I haven’t met […]

natural hair on tv

TV Shows Filled With Hair Inspiration

There have been many black characters in shows and films this year. I have seen so many new ethnic styles and depictions recently, and? I am excited to see where we go from here on out. However, I recently read an article that spoke on the horrible wigs donned by famous black characters and how […]

How To Stretch Natural Hair

6 Ways To Stretch Natural Hair

I love rocking my fro with no problem but sometimes I’m ready to put the fro up and switch up my look. However, I don’t want to end up with any type of damage. Especially heat damage that doesn’t go away. Usually, to keep your hair from knotting up on a consistent basis it’s best […]

Product Junkie Pt. 1:: Shampoos, Conditioners & Co-Washes

First, I want to make sure to disclaim that I am in no way getting paid for talking about? any of these products, it is only my opinion!! Now lets get to the good stuff , I have now? ventured into trying different types of products, from small black- owned businesses that my hair has […]

Are you committing a hair care sin?

I have been natural 5-6 years at this point and I can say that I have had some serious setbacks that have slowed down my growth or caused me to cut large amounts of hair to start over.? Every natural is different and every natural has their own forms of hair care sin like forbidden […]

combs for natural hair

A Guide to Brushes and Combs For Natural Hair

My hair is super tangled up! Which natural hair comb and brushes should I use to detangle it? I want to seriously add some volume to this fro! Which comb will help me achieve this I need to do a protective hairstyle. Which comb will help me achieve neat parts If you find yourself constantly […]

D.I.Y. Cream For Natural Hair

Contents1 Why I make my own hair creme:2 How To Make Natural Hair Cream2.1 The Base: Shea Butter, Coca Butter & Mango Butters2.2 If you want something lighter or more oil based:3 Enrichments:3.1 Scents: Why I make my own hair creme: I am a self-proclaimed lazy and frugal natural who likes simple routines, simple styles, […]

11 Stunning Hairstyles for the Holidays

11 Stunning Hairstyles for the Holidays

The Holidays are approaching and the next party, date or family function is coming. You have your outfit ready but what about your hair.? Here is a collection of cute styles to be sure to look great at your next function. Contents1 1) Holiday Hair Braided Bun2 2) Massive Hair Bun3 3) Faux Hawk Look4 […]

Would you spend $400 on a blow dryer?

There are tons of natural hair products, vitamins, and equipment being sold to us. In such an upgrade/buy more society sometimes it’s hard to decipher whether a big buy is a splurge or an investment. I found two blow dryers for 399.99 dollars. That’s right after tax these dryers are OVER FOUR HUNNIT DOLLAZZZ! Revair […]

Hair Growth Diet?

I don’t know if you have noticed but hair supplements have been taken Instagram by storm. The main one I have seen is sugar bear vitamins. They have been promoted by tons of people who already have long hair or wear hair extensions so we can’t see a difference. These post with popular people with […]

Con Air Infinity Pro 2019

New hair care tool alert-Con Air Infinity Pro!!

OMG guys, I stumbled upon the most amazing new hair care tool! It’s guaranteed to be a game changer in the natural hair community! In a previous blog, I wrote about the importance of consolidating and speeding up your hair routine. This new tool will definitely help you to do that by combining a brush […]

Natural Hair Shampoo or Co Wash

Shampoo vs Co-Wash?? Both are friends of mine..

Contents1 Why you should shampoo regularly?2 How often you should shampoo?2.1 Sulfate free shampoo3 Co-Washing Conditioner3.0.1 List of Shampoos and Co-Washes that I use in my natural hair regimen::3.1 Co-wash Why you should shampoo regularly? First, I want to compare shampooing your hair to washing your body. There is no way that you can get […]

big chop hair

My Journey

The Beginning of My Big Chop Hair… How did I become natural Did I big chop? Did I transition? These are only some of the questions that I have been asked over my course of being natural. Let me dissect each question to the best of my abilities starting with WHERE DID IT ALL BEGIN? […]

10 Gorgeous Natural Hair Brown to Dark Skin Celebs in 2019

I’m loving that more and more of us are starting to really love our natural hair from TWA’s to long kinky tresses. But sometimes you’re in need of some Natural Hair Inspiration to try a new style or even to feel comfortable with the style you’re about to start rocking. What’s even more fascinating at […]

Simple Natural Hairstyles

5 Cute Hairstyles?

Hey there. Do you have natural hair? Do you occasionally struggle to come up with simple natural hairstyles that you can rock on a daily basis? If this is you, then worry no more because this blog definitely has the hookup. I will be showing you 5 simple hairstyles that can be achieved on any […]

How To Trim Natural Hair

Everything You Need To Know About Trimming Natural Hair

  I use to HATE scissors and someone coming remotely close to my hair with them was an absolute NO GO! At the beginning of my natural process, I was obsessed with having long hair like you probably once were or maybe still are. Trims use to be the enemy. Holding on to my straggly […]

Dying Natural Hair

3 Tips on Dying Natural Hair without Commitment

It seems like through each season or life transition I want to do something drastic to my hair. I get frustrated with the same consistent hairstyles.? Is it just me or do you also get bored with the same styles and looks through the year.? I have these thoughts and feelings about my hair every […]

my natural hair extensions how to keep your natural hair healthy

How To Keep Natural Hair Healthy While Busy

This year has been all about securing a bag and moving in silence but while you are securing that bag are you taking care of your hair? Being natural can be a challenge in itself, but adding all that life throws at us while keeping our hair moisturized is a different beast. Below are some […]

Hair Porosity

Hair Porosity Characteristics

Hair Porosity has been the talk of the town ever since it hit the natural hair community in 2009. It has revealed even more about how each natural is unique. Before porosity knowledge, all we had was 4b/3a/4c to go from; now, we know that a 4c natural that has high porosity hair is entirely […]

The Pick: A Possible Enemy Of Your Roots?

The pick has been used for decades to achieve volume amongst all hair types, but is this styling tool causing harm in the process? For most naturals, hair as high as the heavens is the most desirable and everyone would take fullness over sparse styles any day. However, if this fullness is at the cost […]

cool products for natural hair

What are Naturals thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks for the great things and experiences we?ve had over the year. This year has been a fruitful year for the natural hair community where we saw many tools and accessories become staples. ?In this post, we are going to list products that naturals are the most thankful for […]

Damaged Natural Hair

3 Things You Don’t Know Are Damaging Your Natural Hair

Have you ever felt like you have done everything right when it comes to your hair regimen, and your hair still seems not to cooperate Well, I’m here to tell you that it may be something entirely unpredictable causing damage to your hair. Many factors contribute to the health of one’s hair; likewise, a large […]

wash and go natural hair

How To Wash And Go Natural Hair (Complete Guide)

This post covers two professional voices on how to have the most effective wash and go experiences by MNHE bloggers: KROOTS & SAMANTHA ARNOLD) Today I felt like talking about how to wash and go natural hair. I have struggled with over the years of me being NATURAL. I’m watching videos of these fantastic women […]

natural hair winter

12 Winter Styles For Natural Hair

Grab your fuzzy socks and warm sweaters because winter is approaching fast! Tis the season to be jolly, but could your hair possibly be a mood killer this winter? Whether it?s dry ends or unexpected breakage, our strands sure do know how to misbehave when it gets a little chilly outside. Luckily, I am here […]

natural hair guru


?Welcome natural gals and gents…?I am super excited to begin my blogging experience and hopefully you guys will enjoy and become apart of my blog FAMILY. (if there is a such thing..if not there is now!)??I have the opportunity to blog for MYNATURALHAIREXTENSIONS and basically talk about whatever comes to my little mind..I will also […]

my natural hair extensions nappily ever after review

Nappily Ever After

By: Michelle Andrea It is starting to become an exciting experience for me when I know Netflix is releasing a black original series or movie. Mainly, because I?m rooting for everyone that?s black!? But I really do love relating to; or at least attempting to, relate to characters that look like me. That brings me […]

4c hair type on difference between 4b and 4c hair what is the texture in pictures for the best products on how to grow long 4c or how to define curl or moisturize on how to care. curling cream on growing close on taking care. what does 4c hair look like or stretch on chart that are good and fast for the best comb or coarse

The Best Websites for Natural Hair Care Online

Our goal is to shed light on the wonderful blogs that we like and enjoy. Hopefully, we can provide amazing insight into finding the best information on natural hair websites. Contents1 Naturally Curly2 Natural Hair Mag3 Black Hair Information4 Afrobella5 Curl Centric6 Curls Understood7 My Natural Sistas8 Textured Talk9 Hey Fran Hey10 Black Girl With […]

traveling with natural hair. Natural hair African head scarf African head wrap

Traveling With Natural Hair

Contents1 Vacation: What am I going to do with my hair?1.0.1 What’s the weather like?1.0.2 Prep Procedure1.0.3 Picking a hairstyle: Protective styling1.0.4 Bring your must-haves:1.0.5 What suggestions do you have? Article created by Nikki Leshawn & Samantha Arnold Vacation: What am I going to do with my hair? IG @naturalneiicy If you are natural, then […]

How Often To Moisturize Natural hair

How Often To Moisturize Natural Hair For 2020

It can sometimes feel like the battle for figuring out how often to moisturizing your natural hair. However, we are here to help you get through these challenges today! Contents1 The Essentials2 The Winter:3 How to Straighten:4 Protective Styles:5 How to Seal:6 Homemade Natural Hair Moisturizer Ingredients: The Essentials The best way to keep your […]

#1 Homemade DIY Leave-In Conditioner Oil For Hair Growth

Best Homemade Leave-In Conditioner

If you find it challenging to find natural hairstyles, you know the struggle. Keeping your hair moisturized can sometimes seem impossible. To make it worse, the conditioners you see at the store are either laced with harsh chemicals, or they’re all natural but way too expensive. What’s a girl to do? consider diy homemade leave-in conditioner. […]

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