The Most Comprehensive Blogs For Natural hAIR

How To Turn Kinky Hair To Curly Hair

Contents1 make natural hair curly1.1 Alternative methods: 2 how to define curls2.1 Step 4, lock the curls in place: Make

The Truth About Afro Curly Hair

Afro curly hair or that the afro curly look is overwhelmingly growing in popularity! Ever since the start of the

How To Do Curlformers and Waveformers

This can be one pain in the butt style to sleep in but your hair will look amazing. If you’re

The Growth Stages of Natural Hair

When it comes to natural hair stages, the one thing that is mostly sought after is length honey and a

6 D.I.Y Products Using Aloe Vera Juice

I have been on this aloe vera juice kick and I’m not stopping anytime soon. I have always heard about

Top 3 Does And Dont’s While Transitioning

I remember when first transitioning it was an exciting experience. However, when my hair began to grow out it was

Differences in Type 4 and 3A, 3B or 3C Textures?

The main two curly hair types for women of color have a lot of similarities, differences, and common factors. For

Natural Hair Awards!

Happy New Years Eve!!! To cap off the end of the year, I thought it only fitting to go back

10 Non-Traditional Natural Hair Tips

When it comes to natural hair tips it’s fairly easy to spot the common ones such as: 1) Follow LOC method 2)

What To Do With Natural Hair When Working Out

One of the main reasons I went natural was because I wanted to be able to work out freely without

6 Hairstyles with Clip-In Extensions

Who doesn’t love a quick simple look to switch things up? Especially when you can add extra volume or length

The Best Trends And Styles For Crocheting Hair

Hey Sis! Do you remember back in the late 90’s early 200’s crochet braids used to be in style! however,

My Big Chop Natural Hair Journey

Hey! Do you remember when you first began your natural hair journey? If you’re just beginning, do you hear terms

Styling Thin Black Hair To Make It Look Thicker

  Hi Divas! Deciding to go natural can be one of the best decisions you ever make for your hair.

Layered Hairstyles and Sew-Ins with No Leave Out?

What’s going on Divas!  Its approaching Spring/Summer and it’s the perfect time to be flirty with your hair. No one

19 of The Best Black Hair Blogs of 2019

Our goal is to shed light on wonderful blogs that we like and enjoy. Hopefully, we can provide amazing insight

The Best Wig For Black Women in 2020

Hi sis! are you in the mood to change up your look without spending excessive money on extensions and paying

Everything You Need To Know About Yaki Hair

We pulled together some of the best practices to keep your Yaki hair looking brand new while wearing it and

How To Make Your Own Leave In Conditioners

If you find it difficult to find natural hairstyles, you know the struggle. Keeping your hair adequately moisturized can sometimes

The Ultimate Guide To Protective Styling & 4C Hairstyles

Divas stop stressing out. Okay, you have 4c hair, and you are worried about the different styling options available to

Styles For Transitioning To Natural Hair

Quite often as women of color, we find ourselves wanting the very best solution when deciding to transition to natural hair.

How To Get Straight Natural Hair Without Heat Damage

At some point in time, we have all heard the horror stories about heat damage and the cons of naturally

Best Clip-on Human Hair Extensions For Black Women

Finding the best clip in extensions for African Americans is very vital. They can add those extra inches to your

The Top Braid Trends of 2019

Yes summer is finally here and it is the best time to tuck that hair away for some good ol

Best Beard Care Products For Black Men

We decided to do something different and show love to black men beard care. We will cover all the latest

Pros and Cons of Mini Twist

What is up to my sistaz and brothaz, welcome back for another one. If you are new welcome I go

Growing Your Natural Hair

Does type 4 hair grow? This is a question that I think most women with type 4 hair have asked

Unjust Justice: Cyntoia Brown

Contents1 What Happened to Cyntoia Brown?1.1 How Society Plays a role1.1.1 Bias in the Justice System1.1.2 In the Beginning1.1.3 “7”

A product to help reduce shedding!

I’m usually on the search for a D.I.Y inexpensive product that can help with my hair becoming healthy. I believe

How To Stop Natural Hair From Breakage And Shedding

Don’t you hate it when you brush your hair and begin to see little short hairs around your sink? Better

Appreciating the African American Orange Is The New Black Leading Ladies

When the first season of Orange Is the New Black came out, I had mixed feelings about it prior to





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