Best Protective Hairstyles For Afro Hair

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage really tightly curled or kinky textured hair. Because of the texture of this type of hair commonly called 4c hair it can be hard to retain length so many ladies choose to have short hair styles and cuts keeping versatility to a low.  When it comes to styling short extensions, however, there are plenty of choices to make it look stunning. It is far more versatile than many people may think. Here I will lay out a few options below:

Cute Hairstyles For Short Natural African American Or Ethnic Hair Textures

  1. Twists or twist outs – A fancy look that give control and curl definition. You can even seperate it and pick it out for twice the volume!
  2. Puffs – This is definitely the most popular and easiest style to achieve. Take a long headband and some edge control and slick your hair up and fluff.
  3. Mohawks/faux-hawks – This is where you pull the sides up with some bobby pins and rock on.
  4. Tapered cuts – This style oozes sex appeal with its tapered curls in the back and longer length at the front.
  5. Updo with bangs – Bangs are a very cool accessory for an updo which already gives a younger appearance.
  6. Knotted headscarf – A simple accessory that can be used when you can’t really be bothered doing much with your hair. You could also use bandanas and headbands.
  7. Topknot afro –  A sleek hairstyle that works well when you do not have much length.
  8. Wet look – Created with products this natural afro is low maintenance and high glamour.
  9. Short and shaved – Textured curls with a shaven back and sides.
  10. flat twists – where you flatwist your hair in a cute pattern. Similar to cornrows but are twist. These also make for an amazing twist out once the style needs to be changed. 2 for the price of 1!
    afro hairstyles with weave

Protective Updo’s – These look stately and also protect the delicate structures of afro hair.

For those women who do not wish to keep their hair short but cannot grow it successfully or as fast as they would like there are always other options to style natural kinky hair with extensions. These are designed blend with afro kinky curly hair and with African, Caribbean, and other ethnic or mixed hair types.

Our clips ins are made with high-quality premium human hair. The extensions can be clipped and added to your natural hair in about five to 10 minutes. We offer various textures and lengths.  Some examples of the choices you will see on our website are coarse, curly or straight to name a few with lengths up to 22″. 

With purchasing good quality extensions you have to know how to keep them up as well.  It will do you no good finding the perfect afro textured style or extensions if you are unaware of how to look after them properly. Afro natural hair extensions 4C requires a good care regime. We have listed some good hair care practices below:

photo credit :Kiitanaxo

 Few Things To Consider!

• Wrapping hair overnight in a silk scarf prevents the pillow absorbing moisture and hair drying out because of this.
• Afro hair should be given regular treatments, especially in winter to ensure that it does not become dull and dehydrated.
• Washing hair in piping hot water will strip the moisture out and cause it to become dry. Afro hair should be washed in warm to cool water.
• Blow drying and ironing can be a necessity at times but it can cause hair strands to split and dry. Try roller setting occasionally instead as this involves less direct heat.
• Just like with your natural hair we recommend trimming the split ends of your hair extensions when needed.
• Afro hair will need added moisture on a regular basis especially when it is cold. Moisturize your hair before bed and then wrap in a silk scarf.
• Too many chemical treatments can cause damage to the hair. To avoid potential damage you should always have relaxers and colors applied by a professional. You may also want to cut down on the number of treatments.


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