kinky afro hair

14 Jun: Products For Kinky Afro Hair

Not all hair products are made equal. Since everybody has their own hair type and texture, they should be mindful of using what caters to that style. Learn More About Curly Hair Products in this post! Natural Afro hair requires…

moisturize natural hair

28 Apr: How To Moisturize Natural Hair

It can sometimes feel like the battle for moisturizing natural hair. However, we are here to help you get through these challenges today! The Basics In Natural Hair Moisturizer: The best way to really keep your hair moisturized is to get…


28 Apr: How Does the LOC method work?

  For any African American woman (and for some men) the LOC method is a great go-to for getting that all essential moisture into your hair. Because black hair is naturally so coarse and thick, the cuticles can split at…