black men beards or care products to help growth oil shampoo conditioner balm cream

The Best Black Men Beard Care Products & Kits Online

We decided to do something different and show love to black men beards. We will cover all the latest and greatest methods and care products to get the very best looking beard for our kings. It’s been our mission here at MNHE to help African Americans men of all backgrounds get a great understanding of […]

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Crochet Hairstyles with Human Hair

How To Crochet Human Hair Extensions

Hey Sis! Do you remember back in the late 90’s early 2000’s crochet braids used to be in style! However, they quickly faded to a thing of the past due to unnatural and fake appearance these braids used to have. Now crochet braids have made a huge comeback. Women and stylist used to only using […]

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quick weave hairstyles 2020

Best Quick Weave Styling for Natural Hair

What’s going on Divas!? Its coming Spring/Summer and it’s the perfect time to be flirty with your hair. No one wants to keep the same hairstyle for too long. Sometimes we even give our hairstyles and wigs names and personalities haha! But what is the best way to quickly switch up styles that do not […]

Products For Kinky Afro Hair

Not all hair products are made equal. Since everybody has their own hair type and texture, they should be mindful of using what caters to that style. Learn More About Curly Hair Products in this post! Natural Afro hair requires different needs than other hair types. It’s important to choose products that moisturize thirsty curls […]


Amazing Products for Curly Hair

Okay divas there are sooo many natural hair care products on the market! Years ago it was hard to find something to cater to us curly gals and not there are so many choices that it is overwhelming. Where do you even start with choosing products for curly hair! Well first I would like you […]

my natural hair extensions clip ins

Get This Look: Ciara

Go Ci Ci go Ci Ci GO! Okay I saw Ciara sporting this look on the red carpet and I love it! I love to imitate celebrity styles and this one must go into our collection of “get this look!” Ciara? is sporting a sleek high poofy ponytail with all of its glory. This simple […]

How Long Does Lemonade Braids Last

How To Do Beyonce Crochet Braids

Have you heard of jumbo lemonade braids We’re sure all our Queen Bey fans know what this is? While this style has been a go-to for hair braiders, it started to pick up momentum after Beyonce featured them in her hit music video Lemonade. This style wrap around one side of the head, with long […]

Braid Extensions Styles

The Best Braid Extensions And Styles

Yes, summer is finally here, and it is the best time to tuck that hair away for some good old protective styling. Braid extensions styles are a new trend right now! But not just any regular box braids, these new braid trends are making statements! They say fierce, stylish, and trendy all at the same […]

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