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How To Get Straight Natural Hair Without Heat Damage

At some point in time, we have all heard the horror stories about heat damage and the cons of naturally straight hair. But what if you love the straight look and do not want to use perms. Should you be subjected to the curly girls’ ideology of what natural means? If you decide to straighten your natural hair, are you any less of a naturalista than those who do not? I don’t think so. Today I am going to discuss the pros and cons of being a straight-haired natural and the best ways to prevent damage to your hair if this is the path you choose for your natural hair journey. After all, the most fantastic thing about being natural is the versatility and the ability to go back and forth between various styles!

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Steps to Preventing Heat Damage

  • Deep condition on every wash cycle. Yes, EVERY wash cycle, you must deeply penetrate your hair with moisture and vitamins. Doing this ensures that your hair does not become brittle, remains its elasticity, looks healthy with Its level of shine. When you straighten your hair, you are removing/evaporating the moisture for your strands. Use a Quality Heat Protectants that is water-based so it will absorb into the hair strand and follow with an oil to help seal moisture and prevent breakage. It’s best to apply the heat protectant before you stretch your hair while the hair is still damp.
  • Start with clean hair moisturized hair. Never flatiron your hair when it is dirty or have excessive product build-up. If you try this, the products on top of your hair will burn to leave a horrible smell to your hair. Oils are okay and should be applied to clean hair that has already before straighten. However, curl creams or any other products other than won’t burn.
  • Start on already stretched hair. This step is probably the most important one to remember. Stretch your hair with plates, braids or twists. Then blow it straight with a blowdryer, preferably one with a comb attachment. I do not recommend a bristly spiral brush as these are harsh and can pop your hair strands. Doing the extra step allows you to straighten your hair with a medium amount of heat. If you do not stretch before you straighten you will have to turn your straightening tools on high.
  • I do not recommend straightening your hair in between presses. You should always straighten on hair that has been clean and deeply conditioned. Constantly straightening your hair will cause damage and brittleness. We recommend wearing a bun and tying your hair up with silk or satin scarf whenever possible to prevent your hair from reverting. Use a scarf under your shower cap to prevent moisture from seeping underneath.
  • LASTLY & most importantly. If you live in a humid environment like Florida or tropical area, you may want to reconsider being a straight natural! LOL, it just won’t work out if you are trying to keep your hair healthy.

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Pros And Cons of Straight Black Hair

The first pro about having straight hair is that is so much easier to manage, and I do mean EASIER lol. A large misconception about going natural is that you can be lazy with your hair, but that is not true. Combs and brushes glide smoothly through the hair without causing as much tension or breakage, and it is easier to have access to your scalp. You do not have to worry about tiny little knots at the ends of the hair. You are easily able to see your exact length and styles are quicker to achieve with less preparatory work. We have just updated our website with the beautiful kinky straight hair – listed on this page!

I hope that helps!

The first con is that your hair will seem thinner. A lot thinner. If you are used to the volume, your natural hair gives than becoming a straight natural will might make you feel as if your hair is thinning. Another con is the likelihood of heat damage and breakage.

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