The Best Extensions For Natural Hair Bundles, Clips & Weave Online

My Natural Hair Extensions provides top quality extensions, clip-ins, wigs and closures for our beautiful and wonderful sisters with high-quality luxury human hair that compliment your locs. Through a rigorous process, we hand-designed each texture down to the width and coil size of each curl to mimic all ethnic locs. If you have relaxed your hair… WE GOT YOU, SIS! We cater to type 3 and type 4 textures as well as those who are relaxed (permed) or transitioning!

Wide Selection of Natural Hair Clip-Ins

If you have 4A, 4B, 4C or 3A, 3B or 3C we have you covered. MNHE understands the complexities to have the best-looking clip-ins, consider exploring all textures, so see what fits you effortlessly.

Afro Clip Ins


Afro Crochet Hair


Coarse Clip-Ins


Coily Clip-Ins


Curly Clip-Ins


Kinky Curly Clip-Ins


Kinky Straight Clip-Ins


Perm Yaki Clip Ins

natural hair clip-ins

Voted The Best Kinky Curly Hair Extensions Online

  • MNHE allow the texture to become easily styled in a variety of different ways. Ponytails, up-dos, and braids, & bundles are offered on the website. Clip-ins are the perfect way to change your style without ruining the beautiful condition of your real locs. Keeping your locs pulled back or relaxed every day to maintain the look you want can cause loss or damage. When you use curly clip-ins, you can look amazing and protect your tress from daily wear and tear. See the lovely kinky curly weave extensions for easy sew-ins 

Quality Remy Virgin Bundles

  • It will look as though your beautiful curls are cascading around your face when you wear our bundles. They come in many different lengths and textures as well. Buying clip-ins that match your own texture allows for seamless blending and a polished finished result.
  • We cover all your hair needs. You can use clip-ins to camouflage the growing out phase of a cut, or the awkward transitioning phase from straightened relaxed for growth. Just image the length you always wanted your locs to be, after easy installation you can get a real example by using our bundles



How To Style Extensions To Look Natural ?

Women of color have a vast range of hair accessories to choose from when they want to add a little something extra to their look. If you aim to buy a product that will last you for a long time and always look good, then natural hair extensions are the way to go. In this article, you’ll learn about the perfect natural hair extensions, bundles, clip-ins, and much more. 

Natural hair extensions are worth investing in because they look beautiful, and they never let you down. The clips-ins have been specially developed to look discreet and stay where they are placed, which leaves you confident when you know that your hair is perfectly groomed and will stay that way for the whole day, or night.


There are many ways that you can improve or update your look with a few well-placed clip-ins. However, this isn’t the only thing that high-quality natural hair extensions for women of color bring to your appearance: you can also change the style of your hair every day by using hair with different kinks, curls, or layers. Your look will never get boring when you begin blending natural hair with clip-ins. 

We’re really excited to start you on your journey to gorgeous hair, so keep reading to find out what natural hair extensions we recommend: The ideal way to look salon stylish every day.

Buy Kinky Curly Hair Made for Black Women!

Kinky hair defines what a woman of color is all about. African American women should try wearing kinky, curly hair at least once in their life. It gives an air of proud fashionability and uniqueness to every woman who wears it.

If you want to see how it will suit you to grow your hair out in a kinky style, using kinky hair clip-ins will give you an idea of how it will look. Once you see how vivacious this can make you appear, you will want to buy natural kinky hair extensions and clip-ins for everyday use. They really complement how a woman moves and shakes. 

The natural hair extensions we recommend for kinky hairstyles have been selected for several reasons. The producers of natural hair extensions for African American women have made the finest afro-textured hair products and kinky hair extensions for use at home. When your package arrives, along with ripping it open with a big smile, you should also read the care instructions carefully.

Only use the recommended hair shampoos and conditioners to wash them and detangle them by hand after every wear. Gently running your fingers through the tangles and knots should dislodge any twisting that has happened when you wore your kinky hair extensions. It’s a good idea to get more than one set when you order, which will allow you to wear the clip-ins on alternate days when one batch is being washed, dried, and detangled.

Best Natural Hair Extensions for Women of Color

Your natural hair extensions are an investment. You are investing in your look, your fashion, and your style. And just like any investment, you have to look after it so that it improves with age. The same goes for your hair extensions. 

When your natural hair extensions arrive in the mail, the first thing to do is co-wash them before placing them in your hair. Co-washing is when you gently rinse the extensions in water and conditioner (no shampoo). This type of cleaning will help get rid of any impurities that may have landed on the hair during the manufacturing process. 

You should co-wash at least once a week and shampoo the hair three days after that. Your natural hair extensions should be on a continuous cycle of three days co-wash and then three days wash. This process will protect them from getting a build-up of dust, dirt, and other pollutants such as smoke and food aromas.

The Best Natural Hair Clip-ins Online

Buying kinky hair clip-ins that enable blending natural hair with extensions makes your style fuller and updated all at once. We stock the full complement of every texture, length, and variety you might want. Using clip-ins to camouflage the growing out phase of a cut, or the awkward phase of transitioning from straightened hair to natural growth is made so much easier. 

Curly Clip-ins for Women of Color

It will look as though your hair has abundant curls cascading around your face when you use curly clip-in hair extensions. They come in many different lengths and textures as well. You can choose from a variety of waves, coils, and curl strengths. Checkout these curly clip-in hair extensions for more insight.

The Mission of My Natural Hair Extensions Brand

Professional quality hair extensions for women of color no longer have to be a mystery only understood by your stylist. Now you can get good-looking kinky curly hair delivered to your front door. Natural feel, natural look, all-natural color, texture, and shine: We guarantee you will never go back to a brand that we don’t recommend here. 

Feel fabulous every day when you wear clip-ins, wigs, and closures from our gorgeous selection of professional, easy-to-use hair extensions. This is where to find the best hair to wear!

How To Blend Natural Hair

Many women use our MNHE items line to add with their existing hair but to protect it as well. The process of installing our bundles and clips are simple and easy to do. Many customers told us they have had their bundles and clips for years! 

100% Black Owned

Unlike most hair companies MNHE is 100% black-owned and operated online brand that currently services clients in over 100 countries around the world with our international shipping. Ladies have said that MNHE products are just what they needed to slay!  MNHE ships in the following Lengths 10″, 12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 24″ 26″ 28″ 30″

  • Our long term customers understand the value in our storage & carrier to extend the usage of their bundles. The journey of strengthening you’re locs and looking fabulous is a process. That’s why here at MNHE it is our company mission to help our clients look and feel like their best selves!