Lovely Kinky Curly Hair Extensions

Ladies please don’t damage your kinky hair! we have the best kinky curly weave that will blend with other exotic textures. Here at My Natural Hair Extensions we believe that natural hair weave should look as flawless as possible. Our extensions will not only protect your texture but promote healthy growth. We also offer different textures of lovely human hair bundles of our world class products that appear to grow from your own scalp! Your blending will be flawless. Our natural hair weave undergo strict quality control. Our products have minimal shedding & they are designed to match your texture.

We offer length sizes from 10″ to 30″ inches for ladies looking for short to medium and even long bundles that blend effortlessly. Many of our customers have stated that they love our hair extension line as it gives them a vast amount of options to choose what fits their styling needs best.

We are world known for our very popular Afro kinky hair, this texture is best suited for those that enjoy afro hair with style.

Natural Hair Clip Ins For 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B & 4C 

There are various styles you can achieve with our collections. You can achieve various protective styles with our bundles, closures or wigs. You can also try our clip in extensions for a quick and easy transformation. Our amazing products such as our wonderful afro kinky curly clip-ins allow you to achieve the best possible length and volume without a salon instantaneously.

Afro Hair Extensions That Blends Effortlessly 

We make sure we do not leave anyone out by excluding their texture. We cater to permed & curly textures and those who are looking for quality afro kinky braidsSo if you have perm yaki, or 3a 3b 3c 4a 4b or 4c natural hair weave we have you covered.

A woman’s hair is her crown and glory so we want to make sure that all your needs are met while delivering optimum customer service. We consist of 4 ladies with over  28 years of combined experience working with natural hair! You can put your trust in us! We now offer fully wefted afro kinky curly wigs that are custom made on this page and other various wig types.

We work diligently to ensure you get the very best products and services available. We aim to provide top level delivery options near you. We work around the clock shipping and packaging orders for our clients world wide. Be sure to checkout or extensive collection of bundles for sew-ins that are designed specifically with you in mind!  MNHE Review


A Message From The Founder

Hello Ladies, Divas, And Dolls!

I started my natural hair journey in 2009 and did the big chop Jan 3rd 2010. I was uncomfortable with the length of my hair and I searched for extensions to blend with my own. In 2010 there where very few if any companies that catered to natural hair. I was very inexperienced with closures and wigs so therefore I bought traditional beauty supply store hair. Needless to say blending was horrible and I heat damaged the little hair I did have.  I was still in college at this time majoring in Biological Science and God gave me a vision to start my own natural hair company.

The Quality of our Product

I  did research for years learning all I could about hair down to the chemical compounds that compose a hair strand. I then spent an additional year putting my plan into action visiting other countries testing out hair samples until I was 100% completely satisfied with the quality provided. I took what I learned about curl patterns and the way natural hair moves, grows and came up with my own unique curl patterns that match the various textures of ethnic hair. I visited China for an 8 week course learning how to weft, sew and create my very own textures specifically to MNHE.


Making The Best Product To Suit Our Brand

I mastered my craft and created a unique extension brand for women of color!  MNHE LLC was launched September 2012 in Tampa Florida.  Now you do not need to try to blend your hair with other exotic textures to have long, flowing, beautiful locks of hair. With these extensions I have made it possible to achieve any length or  thickness you may desire while maintaining a NATURAL appearance. Stay true to who you are while just enhancing the natural appearance of your hair with added thickness and length.

No one will ask you “how many inches is that”, or ” girl where did you get your hair from,”  simply because they will think its growing from your very own scalp!   Embrace your texture and buy extensions that compliment it instead of trying to hide or change it.  Remember our hair is beautiful too! provides its clients with 100% high quality human hair.  We do not use any synthetic fillers or synthetic fibers. Our extensions are popular and in high demand due to their natural appearance, low luster, manageability, and affordable price and simply put the blend game is on point

Best Customer Service Online

Customer Satisfaction is my #1 goal. I strive for excellence and my team does as well. It makes us proud when you feel glamorous and look more beautiful than you already are.  My team and I take our customer service SERIOUSLY and treat each individual client with respect by providing quality hair in a timely manner at an affordable price! I am proud to say that I am a black Christian entrepreneur helping all woman of color feel confident in their own skin in their everyday walks of life!

Thank you for helping my dream come true as this company continues to grow and take on new adventures daily!  We are blessed by your business and loyalty and are overwhelmed with joy that you chose us.

Thank you for choosing My Natural Hair Extensions, checkout these amazing new post

100% Black Owned Brand & Christian Based Company

MNHE is a black owned company. We aim to ensure our clients get the very best customer service and  extensions that match their own texture such as our amazing textures. We only collect quality strands while providing amazing customer service.

We ship Worldwide. Our extensions are great for protective styles and much more. MNHE is geared towards helping our customers. Be sure to checkout our amazing products today!

As a blacked own business as well as a Christian company we structure our business around 3 important principles, quality products, amazing customer service, and perfection of our craft. We insure that each and every strand is healthy with the cuticle intact. The cuticle of the texture is important as it helps the hair retain moisture.Stay up to date with all our latest and informative posts by utilizing our blog. Our join our exclusive text message list to learn about wonderful bundle deals and more!!

Facts About Kinky Hair Extensions For Black Women

An African American woman’s hair is just not the same as other hair types. It needs constant work, a heck of a lot of moisture to keep it silky and, to make matters worse, it has a texture all of its own (that is usually prone to tugging)! If this sounds like you then don’t worry! Kinky hair extensions are already here and they don’t take much fuss at all to use!

What’s the difference between kinky and curly textures?

Kinky hair, sometimes known as texture type 4, is not quite the same as a natural curl. Someone with big bouncing curls will have hair that grows out from the scalp in neat little spirals. When you have kinky hair this simply isn’t the case.

Kinky hair almost resembles hair that has been met with a crimping iron. It is less of a spiral and more of a zig-zag, with the hair sometimes doubling back on itself or generally otherwise pointing at exactly the opposite angle than what you wanted it to. Kinky hair can be a nightmare to maintain and to control… but if you use the right extensions you could accentuate that look and turn it into something much more sexy!

Whether you have kinks or curls one fact is indisputable – that hair extensions can give you a fuller hairdo for longer. The only tip we have at this point is to buy the closest match that you can to your hair texture and color That way the extensions will be all the easier to blend in with your natural hair!

How to care for Brazilian kinky hair

Brazilian women are the most predisposed to having a natural kink to their hair as opposed to a full on curl, so it is important that they learn early on how to look after such locks. Of course most women from this culture would tend to focus on buying straight extensions – but have you ever considered that kinky hair extensions would bush up your look and flesh out your hair for the better? All it takes is a little kink…

Brazilian kinky hair needs that little bit extra TLC to keep the texture from tangling the hair in on itself. The first mistake that women often make when dealing with these extensions is that they over-work the hair. Too much touching will lessen you crimp, too much brushing will make your hair fall flatter – keep the hair patting to a minimum for optimum Brazilian bounce.

Some products will also put a little added pressure on the scalp, as most hair extensions will. Don’t worry too much about it, but treat the problem with a little quick-absorbing oil that you can rub into your scalp at the end of each night. Only after making sure you have detangled it all with a wide comb, of course.

Your Brazilian kinky hair is pretty fragile, so you will want to leave off as much of the product as is possible. Don’t use creams or oils applied directly to the hair as they will way it down and straighten it out – which is the last thing you want to happen to your lovely, perky new hair extensions.

When treated correctly a Brazilian kink is a beautiful hairstyle that provides you with bounce and will make you want to shake your head around all day long. Which is absolutely fine – just keep those fingers out of there! When it comes to preparing your hair in the morning, you simply brush gently with a wide comb to detangle – and you should be ready to go. It really is that easy!

Remember: Afro textures are not complicated to use. Once they have been added to the hair all you need to do is wash and condition as normal, then leave to dry. Human hair will kink all by itself without the use of added products! Sleep with your hair in a loose ponytail for the best kink for longer!

How many bundles of kinky curly hair extensions will I need?

Hair extensions typically come in a variety of lengths from 12 right through to 20 inches. So first of all, select the length of extension that you require. A fuller, bouncier hair do will perhaps cross the sizes and use a few different ones. Also you must make sure that you have selected the right texture that will give you the best match to your natural hair. This is very important when it comes to blending – you don’t want anyone to know you are wearing extensions, do you?

For longer, thicker or fuller hair, four pieces might be enough. They should be separated out into sections on the head and attached. For those who wish their hair was full and bouncy, six sections of extensions are advised – but you may wish to use more, if you want maximum appeal. Mix up the lengths too for variants in style and to give your Brazilian kinky hair a perk up.

Nobody should be scared of applying a kink to their hair, but for best results you should aim for all human hair, since this keeps its bounce better, leaving you happier for longer and your hair do on peak form. Perhaps the best part of using human hair is how natural and easy to manage it is, the second best part is how well it blends into your own hair.

We hope we have helped to answer some of your kinky hair extension questions today. Remember to sleep with that hair tied back, use as few products as possible and to try not to touch your hair… which will be hard if you have followed our instructions because your bounce will be perfection itself!