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7 Tips to Consider Before Going Natural (Transitioning)

Transitioning To Natural Hair – Part 1

Tired of having you hair relaxed? Looking for a change? Want to join the natural

craze? Whatever your reason, going “natural” can be a rewarding and challenging

transition. Before going natural there are many things to take into consideration –

time, products, hair type and patience. Yes patience! Natural hair takes time to grow

and correctly at that. This list below should provide you with a brief “all you need to

know” if you’re ready to start your natural transition.

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March Diva of the Month! Bridgitte

Congrats  Bridgitte on becoming our March Diva of the month!!!


Q:   Do you rock a perms? Are your transitioning? Or are you Natural?

  • A:   I had a relaxer from 12-17 years old. I transitioned for 8 months, then cut my hair. The original plan was to transition for a full year but I was super impatient and was anxious to see my natural texture. I have officially been natural since December 2011, so just over 2 years now.

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January Diva of the Month! Misty

Congratulations Misty on becoming our January Diva of the Month!!

Q:   Do you rock a perms? Are your transitioning? Or are you Natural?

  • A:   I am 3 years natural

Q:   Did you big chop, if so why? And what motivated you to go natural? 

  • A:    I didn’t do the big chop. However I did cut what little bit of perm off my ends. My motivation to go natural  was to grow my thick 4c hair back. Perms broke off my hair and thinned it out. Oh how I quickly remember as a kid how I  hated getting my hair wash bc its a process LOL.

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We have just added a customer gallery to our website!  If you have any photos of you wearing our extensions please email them to MNHEdoll@gmail.com or tag us at @mynaturalhairextensions on InstaGram.  We would love to showcase you in our gallery.  We will be having a monthly drawing picking one doll from the gallery to receive 2 FREE BUNDLES of her choice!  We will also create a spotlight showcasing that months winner on our website including a small bio that will last until next months drawing!  The first drawing will begin on Jan 1, 2014 and will continue every month on the 1st.  Dont miss the opportunity to showcase your beauty and inner Diva to the world, plus we would love to see how you ladies style our extensions, after all we work hard to supply you with FAB hair! Read More

Why is it hard for African American women to grow their hair???

Hello Ladies, Divas and Dolls


Today we are going to discuss why it seems so hard to grow black hair.

The common misconception is that our hair does not grow as long or as fast as other races or ethnicities.  This is not true at all ladies.  In reality the problem that we face is the ability to retain the length once it grows. On average, hair no matter the race, will grow about 1/2″ a month give or take a few mm (millimeters).  Think of it this way. When black men grow their hair such as braids or especially dreads in a matter of 3-4 years their dreads are down their back. Is their hair not the same as ours???  Over the years we have been miseducated on the things that are necessary to grow our hair long and healthy. African American hair does grow and can be just as long as any other with the proper TLC.  Today we will cover some of the common misconceptions about Healthy Hair Growth! Read More

Miss Jessie’s Miko! DIY

Hello Dolls. This is the beautiful Miko, she is the Co-owner of Miss Jessie’s Hair Products. She is rocking her natural hair. It is big, bold and beautiful. We are going to tell you how you can create this look with our hair! Read More

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